Hello Beautiful People! Enjoy My Introduction Blog Post!

Introduction picture of Natalie Nicole
Yours Truly,
Natalie N. Harris-Foster

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by to read my introduction blog post. As many of you know and as many of you do not know, I am Natalie Nicole Foster! First and foremost, I’m a child of God and believer that Jesus Christ rose from the dead to save my soul and yours as well. I’m a sweet southern belle born in the beautiful city of Tuscaloosa, AL and raised in the capital city of Montgomery, AL. I’m a spoiled military brat of the Marine Corps cutest of my dad! I am an undergrad of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing…War Damn Eagle. I am also graduate of Auburn University of Montgomery with a Master’s in Public Administration with a Concentration in Non-Profit Management and Leadership. War Damn Hawks. Unfortunately, my husband is an only University of Alabama football fan.

My Sweet Family is My World

If you are from the southeast then you know that these two teams are rivals in every single sport especially football. These are two prestigious institutions of higher learning where you can receive a priceless education. Nonetheless, I am married to an amazing man of God, Randy Lamar Foster II, and he is my forever soulmate. This man of mine keeps a smile on my face, uplifts me, carries this family with prayers, and supports my purpose by speaking life into me! He is more than I ever prayed for and we are going to break all types of generational curses together and establish new traditions for our family!

Introduction Picture of Randy L. Foster II and Natalie Nicole
On the stairs at the Montgomery County Courthouse after our marriage ceremony!

As I continue with this blog post introduction, I am a proud stay-at-home mother of two handsome boys, Cedric Jr. and Alexander. Cedric Jr. is my oldest son from a previous relationship whom is my rainbow baby full of intelligence, love, and passion. He is a lover of monster trucks, race cars, and Jesus Christ! Alexander is my youngest son whom is my miracle boy born at 32 weeks without a heartbeat for five minutes. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with though because he keeps me busy now days on account that he is in his terrible 2’s. I love my little family and pray the Lord gives us an over flow of blessings to last for 100 generations!

Picture of Natalie Nicole Foster's family
My Sweet Family at the
Charlotte Hornets vs Golden State Warriors
in December 2019

God’s Will Prevailed For Me

I’m now a 31-year old black woman who has fully come into her God given purpose. My purpose in life is to share my life as a wife, mother, and woman hanging mental illness. My purpose is to also advocate for black women’s mental health and black maternal wellness. I am not afraid to tell anyone that I manage mental illness. I specifically deal with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and occasionally suicidal thoughts. The tools that I use to manage my illnesses include prayer, my God-send of a therapist, medication, and self-care! It takes a considerable amount if strength to do all of this while being a mother and supportive life partner. Honestly, there are some days where I feel overwhelmed with all the various hats. Yet, every morning that I wake up is a gift and a another day to fulfill my purpose.

Furthermore, in this blog introduction post, I want people to know I used to allow my mental illnesses to define me. When I first received a diagnosis of depression and anxiety as a teenager up until the beginning of January 2020. I made a choice to use my story as motivation to help other women! Now I so incredibly blessed to begin this journey where I can share my life. My transparent life as a Black mother, wife, and woman who excels at life while managing mental illness.

God has used me in more ways than one to solidify my purpose on this Earth. I have created this space because I know that there is another black woman/mother facing some of the same situations that I have come across. I’m here to vividly share my true self to my readers with intentions to fill another woman with hope. I’m here to be candid, honest, and bold with the content that I share about my personal life. I know God has filled me with a purpose, passion, and power! I’m bigger than all the mental illness stigmas society had placed on me.

Modeling picture of Natalie Nicole Foster
Back in my modeling days.
Photography by Brian Christopher

In addition, I am will share factual information, current policies, and resources to dismantle the mental health stigmas surrounding black and brown women. I’m no mental health expert or physician. What I am is a black woman in today’s America who has personally been through battles and wars with my mental health. I’m using my experience to give hope and perspective to save another woman from the unnecessary trauma. Ultimately, It all comes down to how this space is bigger than myself. It’s for the injustices women of color face before, during, and after their pregnancies.

Welcome to MindFULLy Well Rooted! Please take a seat at the table and stay for awhile!


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