The Birth Story of My 38 Week Rainbow Baby

My son on his 6th birthday!
My Rainbow baby on his 6th Birthday!

The birth story of my rainbow baby is a story that I had not thought about until it started to happen. Every woman’s birth story is unique. Here is where I give the details of a birth story that I could have never imagined. My birth story still has me in awe after all these six years. I hope you enjoy reading and find that you can relate to the birth story of my rainbow baby!

The Calm Before A Baby

Walking down my rainbow baby!
The look on my face after doing absolutely
everything to try to bring on labor.

The birth story of my rainbow baby began when I reached 38 weeks in my pregnancy. As previously written in my post about How My Rainbow Baby Grew for 38 Weeks, I give the intimate details of my pregnancy story. As previously mentioned, I had an appointment to see my ob/gyn on January 19th, 2015. Prior to my appointment, I had been in labor for 76 hours. While my ob/gyn examined me, he exclaimed that I reached nine centimeters of dilation.

My partner at the time and I looked at each other in complete surprise and shock. Turns out everything I tried to do to bring my contractions closer together, actually caused me to dilate more! Nonetheless, at that moment it was time for us to get to the hospital so I could bring our child earth-side. Within a few minutes of walking into the labor & delivery unit of Jackson Hospital, my birthing story began.

I had to change rather quickly once I got into the room where I would give birth in. My partner at the time was calling everyone with the news. While he was making endless amounts of phone calls, the nurses were ensuring a monitor was on my belly and I started receiving iv fluids. Once things were in place the nurses began to try to get my water to break since I was near full dilation. In that moment, I could say that I was not in complete pain but I felt more pressure from my stretching ligaments.

In addition, my rainbow baby was starting to give me some intense lower body pain that had me feeling incredibly weak. As time went on the anesthesiologist inquired about my increasing pain and asked if I wanted an epidural before my water broke. He insisted that I get it since my pain would intensify once my water broke. The discomfort I was experiencing made me quite frightened to think about the severity of pain I could possibly experience. I quickly obliged to get the epidural so my pain would subside.

Full Speed Birth Ahead

The birth story of my rainbow baby seemed to fly by once I started to barely feel the pain in my lower body. My ob/gyn came in to let us know that he would be getting prepped to help bring our child into the world! My partner and I just looked at each other with excitement. As I laid there, I grew nervous about how the experience would go. As soon as I took a deep breath, our families started sprinkling into the room. Honestly, I just wanted it to be my sons father and I in the room. Having so many people in the room, made me feel quite uneasy. Yet, by the time they all got there I was in a different state of mind.

I can recall that my Dad and stepmother showed up first. Next, my partners mother and sister came into the room. My mother and sister showed up in the room next. Finally my aunt ended up showing up as well. The delivery room turned into a party. My doctor came back into the room and was extremely surprised to see so many people on the room. I quickly insisted that they could all leave the room if there was overreach with the amount of family members in the room. He ended up being completely fine with seven other people being in the room. He looked at me and said, “Now lets have us a baby!”

As I began to start pushing to bring my rainbow baby into the world, there were a total of 12 people in the room. My rainbow baby was about to have a literal birthday party that I would be able to watch over and over again. My sister ended up recording the entire thing. I pushed for about five minutes before my ob/gyn decided to make an episiotomy cut. Everyone motivated me to keep pushing for about five to seven more minutes. I did not know if I was making any progress to get my little rainbow miracle earth-side. I questioned if my sweet baby was making his way down the birth canal.

The lingering question in my mind got an answer as the doctor explained he would be getting out forceps. The forceps would help to get my sweet baby down a specific area of the birth canal. I took him for his word and did my best to relax. After what seemed like a failed attempt to help my rainbow baby, my ob/gyn performed a second episiotomy. I beared down as our families cheered us on. I looked at each face in the room. My Dad and aunt were peaking from behind a curtain. I looked straight ahead and felt a surge of pressure that made me scream to the top of my lungs. The next words I heard were, “Here is your baby boy!”

EarthSide Joy

The birth of my rainbow baby had reached the point where I heard his high pitched cry. This is when I seemed to tune everything and everyone else out as I watched the nurses wrap my sweet little baby up in blankets. They laid him in my arms. All the pain I had gone through was worth it at that very moment. I laid eyes on the child God had blessed me with. I could not believe that God could have chosen me to carry and nurture love inside of me. Now there he was, crying and cooing. My ob/gyn gave my partner the scissors to cut the umbilical cord and then my placenta came shortly after. I continued to gaze at his sweet face to see the evidence that there truly was a God!

The evidence of God is clear for me as I look at the six year old I have now! I can truly say these past six years of motherhood has been a role I did not envision for myself 10 years ago. However, I am eternally grateful that the God I serve saw fit to direct me down the road of motherhood! It has been the biggest eye opener to what is truly important in life! The birth of Cedric Jr. changed my life in countless ways and then some! That day will go down in history. It is a day that I will never stop telling anyone about, including Cedric Jr.!

Do you have a birth story that surprised you like mine did? I would love to know about it in the comments!


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16 thoughts on “The Birth Story of My 38 Week Rainbow Baby

  1. Girl my birth story was quite crazy. The day I had my son I was at work and had a doctors appointment already for that day. Went in and they noticed my fluid was low so they sent me and my partner to the hospital to monitor the baby. Well his heart rate was going down so then they decided I had to have an emergency C-section. I was terrified and immediately started shaking. I was not expecting it at all and my baby shower was two days before I gave birth.

    1. Wow now that is an interesting birth story for sure! We definitely can relate on having our sons on the day we had doctors appointments.I am glad that your sweet AJ is here! I know you will never let him forget that story! Thanks for coming by Kelondra!

  2. Lol there is noooooooooooooo way I could have had all those people in the room with me lol. I even told people not to come and see me after I had my babies. I required peace, lol!!!

    1. I most certainly did not want all of those people in the delivery room with me at ll. It just all happened so fast, I honestly id not have a choice! Next time around there not be any visitors. I know how important press and peace are after childbirth.
      Thanks for coming by to read the post Bri!

    1. Thanks so much Taylor for coming by to read it! Babies definitely will surprise us by coming when they want to for sure! I give birth to my youngest, Alexander 8 weeks early as well.

  3. Awww beautiful story! Mine is too long to write but the labor pain I experienced is something I tell people is out of this world! I can’t imagine having so many family members in the delivery room, I probably would have yelled lol, I scratched skin off of my husband during each contraction 😩 I felt bad after! I remember pushing and the doctor telling me to open my eyes since my daughter already came out!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! Ever thought about doing a video post about your birth story?!?!? Having that many people in the room truly scared me, I was not comfortable with that but everything was moving so fast I just let it be. Next time I will be sure to yell to keep all the people away. I am sure your husband forgives you for those scratches by now!

  4. No, each of my birth stories was very different and unique in themselves. However; the largest attendance for me was with our youngest birth and our eldest children being present with my husband. I enjoyed reading your birth story. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Aww that is so sweet to have had your oldest witness the birth of your youngest child! I appreciate you coming by Kangelia!

  5. I have three crazy birth stories that include a blood transfusion, being sent home twice and giving birth with the other kid sleep on the couch! Happy birthday again to your rainbow baby boy!

    1. I had a blood transfusion with my second hearthside child. It was no joke. I suffered from preeclampsia. You had a whole baby at home?!?! Wow, now that is something. Appreciate the birthday love Shana!

  6. With my first child I went into labor while working at Starbucks, had to leave and got to hospital and was already 5 cm so they kept me. I had Adonis 10 hours later. My second child I went to class came home and ate some General Tso chicken, that threw my into labor. During pushing him out I went number 2 and was so embarrassed. This is why they tell you not to eat lol

    1. Thanks so much for coming by to read the post Treanna! You had some seriously surprising birth experiences. I have always feared going number two while having a baby.

  7. Thanks for sharing!! All of my birth stories were different of course! With my youngest my water broke at work however lol. My biggest fear came true!! He was early but healthy and I’m obsessed with him!

    1. Thanks for coming by to read the story about my son’s birth. My youngest came early too and he is quite the character now! Appreciate your support Gabby!