Find The Best Mental Health Gift For Her In This Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season approaching, MindFULLy Well Rooted is here to help you find the best mental health gift for that special woman in your life. You will find gifts that will help a special woman who is managing depression, battling anxiety, facing stress, or struggling with any other mental health condition. The fact is that there is something on this list that will help every woman prioritize her mental health. Finding the best mental health gift for her, whether she is your wife, significant other, best friend, or even yourself; should show that you recognize that she is struggling mentally and that they have your support on what they face on a daily basis. Read on for the best mental health gift ideas for her, that will help the special woman in your life put her mental well-being first!

Popular Mental Gifts For Her $200 & Under

Nintendo Switch Lite – $199.99

pink Nintendo Switch Lite that is a beneficial stress relief gift

For the female video gamer loved one in your life, The Nintendo Switch Lite along with other small video games makes super cute mental health gifts. Who knew that video games can benefit mental health? Video games have been shown to help with recovery from trauma. According to research, video games can help reduce depression. They also regulate mood and build a sense of connection through a like-minded community. Video games should not ever take the place of professional mental health treatment. However, they are becoming great stigma-free mental wellness gifts for someone with anxiety and depression.

The Bearaby Cotton Napper -$199.99

a colorful stack of weighted blankets that make gifts good for mental health in various ways

For the woman who snuggles on the couch, the Bearaby Cotton Napper is a weighted blanket that will improve her mental wellness. This napper is one of the best-weighted blankets on the market. An additional benefit of weighted blankets is that they are connected to the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Weighted blankets are known to mimic the warm embrace of a hug which is therapeutic to some. Several users of weighted blankets have fallen asleep quickly as well as stayed asleep longer. These weighted blankets make the perfect gifts for friends struggling with mental health once the cooler months of fall and winter arrive.

A FitBit Versa 4 – $190.95

pink fitness Fitbit versa 4 smartwatch with a screen display three circles and a time of 12:58

For the woman who wants to live a more active life, the FitBit Versa 4 is a small mental health gift that is worth the price. This smartwatch is the perfect mental health gift for the woman in your life who keeps up with certain health metrics. Many of the latest fitness smartwatches include apps that focus on mental health. Those can include mindfulness apps, mood trackers, and stress levels. One of the many benefits of wearing smartwatches is that it encourages better habits such as going to bed by a certain time. It also encourages daily exercise which makes this a wonderful gift for friends struggling with mental health.

Brandon Blackwood Kendrick Slim Trunk Top Handbag – $185.00

black and gold rectangular handbag

For the woman who likes designer goods, the Slim Trunk Top Handle Handbag by Brandon Blackwood is a surprising mental health gift for her. There is a type of psychology behind the purchase of an expensive luxury item such as a designer handbag. Many people purchase luxury items to boost their self-esteem, obtain a sense of accomplishment, or reward themselves with a well-deserved purchase. A good handbag will allow women to express themselves through their fashion for years to come. That in turn will encourage her to look her best for no one other than herself. Now don’t go out to max out your credit card to splurge on a handbag for the woman in your life. Yet do consider a quality handbag as an investment that will uplift the self-perception of a woman in your life.

The Beast Blender – $165.00

black beast blender full of fruits and vegetables with fruit and vegetables on the counter which can help a woman's mental health

For the woman who focuses on eating healthier, the viral Beast Blender is the immediate solution. Its sophisticated chic design is aesthetically pleasing for every kitchen. Outside of aesthetics, this powerhouse of a blender is made with the intention of motivating consumers to live a healthier lifestyle. That healthier lifestyle is based on what foods we put into our bodies which affects our mental health. One of the easiest staple good-mood foods to make with these blenders is smoothies. Smoothies can improve mental clarity as well as memory and overall brain health. The makers of this blender made it to be too beautiful to not keep on the kitchen counter in hopes of enticing more users. The woman who receives this wellness gift is sure to use this blender for more than just making smoothies.

A Liv 2 – $139.00

Lelo brand purple and white vibrator is one of many outstandingly good mental wellbeing gifts

For the woman who wants to have a pleasing time in privacy, the Liv 2 is one of those mental well-being gifts that keeps on giving all year long. G-spot vibrators are one of the top sellers in the sexual wellness category. Vibrators provide full-body relaxation with a healthy self-loving orgasm. That has to be one of the best mental health gifts a woman can receive. The release of mood-boosting endorphins and dopamine prior to climaxing helps reduce stress and anxiety. Whereas when the climax arrives, the body produces oxytocin and serotonin which can relieve depression and lead to better sleep. With this mental health gift for her, playtime is fun and mentally stimulating at the same time!

The JBL Flip 6 – $129.99

gray, red, and white Bluetooth JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth speaker which makes a great mental health gift for a woman

For the woman who loves music, the JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth Speaker can easily improve her mental well-being no matter where she goes. This speaker can be used just about anywhere to help a friend or family member struggling with their mental health. This speaker is a wonderful mental health gift to give when good vibes need to be in a room. Listening to music, a podcast, or whatever else can improve the mood and ability to cope with various emotions. A portable waterproof speaker provides the chance to recall positive memories and delightful feelings. The use of this speaker can provide an escape to a soothing place from absolutely anywhere.

Thoughtful Mental Health Gifts For $100 & Under

An Aervana Electric Wine Aerator – $99.00

hand of a caucasian person pressing the top of the aervana electric wine aerator with red wine pouring from the spicket

For the woman in your life who enjoys a glass of red or white wine, the Aervana Electric Wine Aerator will have her thankful for quite some time. Recent research has suggested that drinking wine can be beneficial to mental health. Low to moderate consumption of wine is associated with better cognitive function. When wine is consumed with a meal, it helps lower the risk of depression and anxiety. This aerator will make wine more flavorful and full of aromas as certain sulfites are removed. While moderate wine consumption may have health benefits, remember excessive alcohol intake can have negative health outcomes.

A LuluLemon Take Form Yoga Mat – $79.00

a green lululemon yoga mat is the ideal anxiety gift

For the woman who practices yoga, she will adore the infamous LuluLemon Take Form Yoga Mat. Yoga is an ancient well-known practice done by millions of people across the world. It is such a popular practice because of its many powerful mental health benefits. With an emphasis on breathing and medita­tion, yoga is linked to the reduction of certain anxiety disorders and major depressive orders. It also triggers the release of certain feel-good hormones and can also enhance social life when attending in-person classes. This super grippy yoga mat will be a mental wellness gift that encourages the practice of physical activity with amazing mental benefits.

Thinx Activewear Cycle Shorts – $75.00

African American woman's torso wearing black thinx activewear cycle shorts make a wonderful mental health gift for her

For a woman who is sustainable, the Thinx Activewear Cycle Shorts are an exceptional mental health gift when she constantly worries while working out on her period. For some women, being on their menstrual cycle can cause a great deal of anxiety and stress due to possible leakage. The confidence that comes along with wearing this extra-protective activewear while working out is unmatched. These period shorts are just one of the many sustainable period wear products they offer. Thinx has various underwear, shorts, and even leggings that come in different absorbency levels and styles. These shorts are the ideal product to include in a mental health gift basket for her!

The Hatch Rest 2 – $69.99

hatch rest 2 sound machine displaying 6:45 with a purple glow and a cellphone displaying the setting for the machine

For the woman who wants a better night’s sleep, the Hatch Rest 2 makes the ideal gift to help improve her mental health. Sound machines create a distraction-free environment that aids in mental clarity. This machine provides a sense of calm which redirects focus onto the sounds rather than the thoughts and emotions that may be running through the mind. This sound machine plays white noise, natural sounds, and has other amazing features. In addition, it helps promote better sleep which makes it one of many unique gifts for anxiety reduction and restlessness.

Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl – $65.00

gold necklace with a pendant surrounded by gold and mother of pearl in the center

For the woman in your life who adores jewelry, the Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace makes a lovely reminder of mental growth and healing. Jewelry can be more than just a fashion statement. It can also be a powerful tool for improving mental health. Wearing jewelry that you love can make you feel good about yourself and more confident. There are certain pieces of jewelry that provide a sense of comfort and security. This is true for jewelry that has sentimental value, such as a family heirloom or a piece of jewelry that was gifted by a loved one. In addition, the properties of certain materials that jewelry is made of can contribute to a reduction in stress and anxiety levels. For example, some people find that wearing mother-of-pearl jewelry helps them remain peaceful while wearing obsidian jewelry helps to ground them.

A GoveeLife Essential Oil Diffuser – $63.99

white essential oil diffuser sitting on top of a silver stand with rainbow lights is one of many nice gifts for depression

For the woman who loves to keep her home smelling amazing, the GoveeLife Essential Oil Diffuser is the best mental health gift for her. Not only do essential oils offer an amazing fragrance, but they also help improve your overall mood. These oils can either be absorbed by the skin, placed in products, or used in a diffuser like the one above. They have many amazing benefits such as alleviating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as insomnia and more. As with any holistic approach, be careful when selecting an oil. Some of them may cause an allergic reaction or an adverse effect depending on who uses them.

A Costa Farms Money Tree – $58.50

costa farms money tree in white pot makes a great mental health gift idea for her

For the woman with a green thumb, the Costa Farms Money Tree is the perfect house plant. Green spaces scientifically promote overall positive well-being. Ideally, houseplants make perfect gifts for someone with depression. This is due to the fact that a bacterium in plant soil triggers the release of serotonin. Caring for plants alone can alleviate symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions. Some additional mental health benefits include stress reduction, memory retention, and higher productivity. Many plants have a special form of symbolism behind them. The money tree symbolizes good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.

Impactful Mental Health Gifts For Her $50 & Under

Healing Crystal Set – $50.00

healing crystal set with 12 stones, storage box, and beginner crystals book

For women who embrace holistic and natural healing methods, the Healing Crystal Set makes a wonderful gift that will improve their mental health. Many ancient cultures believed that crystals have healing properties that produce positive energy and flow in the body. Crystals are made of different elements and compounds which the body will react to in different ways. There can be an exchange of energy between the body and crystals. This beginning set is a great way to start learning more about the unique properties of various crystals. Some of the supposed ways crystals have been impactful towards mental health include: reducing stress, lessening fear/worry, and boosting happiness.

Dossier Amber Saffron Perfume – $49.00

beige-tinted perfume in a clear bottle with a white label and silver bottle cap

For the woman in your life who enjoys wearing perfume, Dossier’s Ambery Saffron Eau De Parfum makes a phenomenal mental health gift for her. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses. Perfume is a great way to harness the power of smell to improve our mental health. Scent has a direct connection to the limbic system, the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions and memories. This means that certain scents can evoke specific emotions and feelings. Wearing a perfume that you love can help to improve your self-esteem and confidence. It can also make you feel more positive and optimistic. Additionally, perfume can help to reduce stress and anxiety. When you smell a scent that you enjoy, it can trigger the release of endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects. Dossier prides itself on being affordable and luxurious while also being a vegan and cruelty-free organization.

A MiniZen Garden – $38.35

mini zen garden with rocks Japenese god with tiny plastic shrubs and tiny trees and white sand makes wonderful gifts for mental health patients

For the woman who practices hands-on grounding methods, she will love the Mini Zen Garden for her mental wellness. Zen gardens are large intimate beautiful sights. Yet, not everyone has the ability to create one of these large spaces in their backyards. With a tabletop mini-zen garden, there are many benefits to using it which can improve mental well-being. By raking the sand and rearranging rocks, mindfulness can be easily increased. In addition, actually making your own mini zen garden is a great activity to unwind during times of stress. A mini zen garden is a constant reminder to take a break in order to maintain focus and patience. This is the ultimate low-maintenance solution to escape the worry of everyday life.

Anxious But Cute Mental Health Sweatshirt – $37.50

For the woman who speaks a statement through/with her fashion, the Anxious But Cute Mental Health Sweatshirt is an uplifting gift. Clothing and fashion can make all the difference towards improving the mental state. Wearing certain colors and textures can trigger a boost of energy or a significant increase in confidence. This sweatshirt looks comfy while also reminding people that no one should feel bad about having a mental health mood disorder. We all know the tried and true statement that when you look good you feel good. Yet when you look good while making a statement that dismantles mental health stigma, I am sure you feel unstoppable.

The Happy Planner – $34.00

a pink and polka dot 2024-2025 happy planner

For the woman who believes in organization skills, The Happy Planner is a thoughtful mental health gift idea. There are some amazing mental health benefits that come along with planning ahead. Planning provides peace of mind when scheduling things for your life. In addition, making a conscious effort to write down the things that happen in your life as well as others improves time management. This type of preparation limits overwhelm, stress and anxiety. This planner has space to write down your daily tasks, as well as weekly and monthly goals. There are also sections for reflection, gratitude, and brainstorming. Of course, this planner allows you to get creative in your own way since it is undated and comes with numerous templates and stickers!

Ritual Zero Proof Spirits – $29.00

ritual zero-proof non-alcoholic spirits in various flavors

For the woman who prefers to not drink alcohol, she will enjoy Ritual Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Spirits. With less alco­hol con­sump­tion, you can reduce the interference of chemicals in the brain that affect feelings, thoughts, and actions. Drinking non-alcoholic beverages provides a clearer mindset. Alcohol can lead to increased symptoms of anxiety, depression, dementia, and other forms of mental illness. Whereas, with this non-alcoholic spirit, the woman of your life can enjoy the taste of her favorite cocktails without worrying about what it will do to her mental health. What’s even better, is that these spirits don’t have the hangover and calories attached to them. These spirits can even maximize the quality of REM sleep. We all know great sleep is essential for a healthier state of mind.

The Five Minute Journal – $28.99

cream-colored five-minute journal

For the woman who is short on time, The Five Minute Journal will help foster a more positive mindset. The practice of writing emotions down in a journal is a well-known method that helps with overall mental health and wellness. There is an extensive list of benefits to journaling which include stress relief, recognition of triggers, and managed emotions. This guided journal will prompt her to reflect on things that she is grateful for in the morning. In the evening, the journal will prompt her to focus on things that positively impacted her day. Journals make insightful mental health gifts for depressed people as well as those who are anxious. The best thing about journals is that they provide awareness into various feelings.

Simple Mental Health Gifts For Her That Are $25 & Under

Yogi Tea Variety Pack – $25.00

yogi tea variety pack in various flavors which make great gifts for friends struggling with mental health

For the woman who loves sipping her stress away, the Yogi Tea Stress Relief & Relaxation Variety Pack will provide a sense of calm. Tea has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. This drink holds a special place in many cultures due to its healing properties. There are amino acids in tea that contribute to a feeling of relaxation thus lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Drinking at least 100 half a cup of green tea a day seems to lower the risk of developing depression. Research shows that there are more promising studies on the benefits of tea for mood disorders. Many other benefits of tea antioxidants include improved mood, memory, and cognitive functions. This variety pack of teas offers a range of comforting teas that help relieve tension, stress and much more at the end of the day.

A Salt Lamp – $25.00

pink natural salt lamp on wooden rising

For the woman who adores a chill boho vibe, the Natural Salt Lamp is a staple to add to her home. Although there are not many scientific studies to support the benefits of salt lamps, many health advocates claim that salt lamps boost mood. Salt lamps are said to release ions that counteract other particles in the air which can improve overall well-being. Negative ions can lower depressive symptoms but in order to do so they have to be released in large quantities. The warm glowing ambient light of a salt lamp provides a calming atmosphere which can improve mental clarity, decrease anxiety, and or reduce stress. Despite the lack of evidence, these lamps create a relaxing environment that can make a huge difference in the life of someone with a mental health condition.

Black Girl Vitamins’ D3 – $23.00

three bottles of black girl vitamins for hair skin nails as well as vitamin d3 and once-a-day vitamins are ideal mental health care package ideas

For the woman who cares about her essential nutrient intake, she will surely appreciate Black Girl Vitamins’ D3. Many women, especially women in the Black community suffer from a vitamin 3 deficiency. Such a deficiency affects the mental health of numerous women. A lack of vitamin D is linked to seasonal depression, chronic fatigue, and high anxiety levels. With these vitamins, getting enough vitamin D is no longer a worry. The woman of your life will literally have life-saving nutrients in the palm of her hand. Daily intake of these vitamins will help increase mental clarity, improve mood, as well as increase energy levels. These vitamins are sure to make a difference in the mental health journey of that special woman in your life.

The Serenilite Stress Balls – $21.95

therapy stress balls in three different weighted sizes

For the woman who has to release tension, Serenilite Therapy Stress Balls are the perfect gift that she can use to relieve that stress. Stress is one of the leading health concerns in the U.S. because it causes tension which could possibly lead to mood disorder development. Yet there are many ways to relieve that stress – one of them being stress balls. By squeezing a stress ball, tension is physically released along with energy that promotes relaxation. This relaxation easily soothes the mind which makes it such a great wellness tool. Squeezing a stress ball for at least 30 seconds can stimulate the brain to release happy endorphins which is an awesome mood booster any time of day.

A Temple Massager – $20.30

black and white temple massager with black adjustable strap helps manage the mental wellness of people with stress

For the woman who sits in front of a computer, the Portable Shiatsu Temple Massager can be just what she needs to use at the end of a workday. Long lengths of screen time cause fatigue in the eyes thus leading to stress and migraines. These conditions amongst many others could easily lead to an unwanted mental illness. Eye massagers provide relief from temple pressure, eye strain, and headaches. As a result of using an eye massager, relaxation immediately occurs which melts anxiety from the day away. This massager in particular comes with various vibrational levels to help the woman of your life feel calm. Other eye massagers come with heat features and built-in music features which helps reduce stress and improve mood. All of these benefits as well other physical benefits make this a worthwhile mental health gift for someone with anxiety.

Mindfulness Affirmation Cards – $15.26

50 pack of mental health affirmation cards

For the woman in your life who needs daily inspiration, Mindfulness Affirmation Cards make an uplifting mental health gift for the holidays. The use of affirmations has become a highly free and beneficial daily practice across the world. The use of affirmations has encouraged many women through some difficult moments as well as set the tone for a positive day! A set of affirmation cards can be just the gift that helps a depressed or anxious person improve their mental well-being. They serve the purpose of reframing negative thoughts into positive thoughts, increasing confidence about achieving goals, and or setting the intentions for the day. Affirmation card decks have thoughtful short statements which are powerful mental wellness tools.

Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme – $12.00

jar of eden bodyworks coconut shea curl defining creme

For the woman who protects her hair, Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme is a hair care product that will improve a woman’s mental health. Hair care products can help improve mental health in a number of ways. They can help to improve the appearance of your hair. When women feel good about their hair, they are more likely to feel good about themselves. Washin, conditioning, and styling hair is the form of a relaxing ritual and a radical act of self-care. Many hair care products also have effects on the mood with the use of essential oils. Using hair care products that contain these essential oils such as peppermint and coconut can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Eden Bodyworks has countless different hair care products available. So finding products for a unique hair type and style preferences should be easy as pie with Eden Bodyworks!

Mental Health Gifts Are One of The Best Ways To Help Women Prioritize Their Mental Wellness

All of these are by no means small mental health gifts. These mental health presents have meaning behind them! They are all phenomenal ways to show how you took the time to find something special that will truly improve the life of a friend or family member struggling with mental health issues. Remember these all make well cherished gifts for people with depression, comforting gifts for people with anxiety, and life changing for people with any mental health condition. Purchase several of these gifts together to make a mental health self care gift basket. This will allow the special woman in your life to care for herself in multiple ways. I hope this holiday mental health gift guide for women helped you find the perfect gift that will bring the woman in your life joy for years to come!

Where To Find More Mental Health Gifts For Women

If you are looking for more unique mental health care package ideas or mental health gift basket ideas to give someone, check out my Mental Health Guide For The Holidays. It features more of the best gifts for mental health. If you are looking for the perfect mental health gift for the man in your life, then check out this Mental Health Gifts For Him Guide. It will inspire you to put together a mental health gift box or care kit for a man who is struggling mentally. To further educate yourself about mental health awareness, visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Mental Health America, and American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

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