The 4 Things I Love About Being A Boy Mom

My boys Cedric and Alex!
The loves of my life!

I absolutely love the life I have being a boy mom! I know there are those parent who say girls are the sweetest, but I’m here to say boys are the sweetest too! As a mom of two boys, they give me so much to look forward to. After 6 years of my motherhood journey, I learn something new from two of my best friends every day. Motherhood in itself has been the biggest blessing from God. Being a mom has stilled me, given more purpose, and allowed me to embrace more sacred moments in life. Although some dark moments arose after I gave birth to my boys, they were always the light that got me through another day! I don’t think my life would be complete without these two boys in it!

There are 4 things that I want to share that I love about being a boy mom:

1. My Boys Keep Me Moving

As the saying goes, young kids will keep you moving and on your feet. Well, Cedric and Alexander do way more than keep me on the move and on me feet. They keep me physically fit and active. I walk an average of 50,000 steps alone in our apartment. There are always toys on the floor that I constantly having to bend over to pick up. As I bend over, I make sure to watch the form I use so I can activate my core muscles.

Being on the move with two boys has caused me to get in little mini workouts which I am thankful for because ever since the pandemic started those 5am workouts have been none existent. I honestly don’t mind that my boys keep me active. I love keeping up with them at the stages in their lives. It is extremely good for my mental health and physical well being. I know that one day they won’t be running all over the place so I am embracing these times now!

2. My Boys Have Inquisitive Minds

I want nothing more for my boys to explore the world around them. Inquistive minds means a sense of wanting to know what the world has to offer. From this mindset I feel as if they will be able to figure out what they can offer the world. Cedric is always itching to know about everything especially since he is learning virtually from home. He has been that way ever since he was born!

Alexander is right behind him with his desire to learn about colors, shapes, animals, cars, and more! I absolutely adore watching Cedric take the initiative to find out why, how, what, and when! He is amazing when it comes to helping Alex’s spark to know what an object is! It is a joy to see their desire to learn more beyond what is expected of them! I know that their knack for learning will take then far in life!

3. My Boys Protect Me

One thing for sure with Cedric and Alexander is that they don’t play about their mommy! I can’t tell you all how many times someone has tried to talk to me and either Cedric, Alex, or both of them have put themselves in between me and the other person. They seriously try to prevent anyone from getting close to me that they are not familiar with. Even though Cedric is quite the social butterfly, he still stands right in front of me while I hold onto him. I’ve got quite the six year old!

Now Alex, smh he does not play either. He will grab onto me tighter in an instant when someone comes into my personal space. In addition, he is quick to put his hand up in a stopping motion if someone makes there way to close to me. They way they show their protection for me truly flatters me. As a matter of fact, it is truly ironic for them to model this form of behavior. They do at the same the example of my husband to model themselves after. Without a doubt, I know Cedric and Alex make sure I’m not hurt or harmed or a daily basis.

4. My Boys Love Unconditionally

I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten an overflow of hugs and kisses from my boys. Trust me, I can’t get enough of their love. The thing I do love the most about their I love is how it is unconditional. As a mother I always find myself telling them I will love them always no matter what. They say the same.

Cedric tells me all the time no matter how many mistakes I may make in my mothering moments that he loves me and always will no matter what I do.I’m not perfect along this journey of motherhood but what I am is aware that I may mess up sometimes which becomes moments where I not only learn but also when Alexander comes to give me a sweet hug and kiss. He tends to add an “I luv you mama, always!” Cedric and Alexander recognize when I do things that are not the sweetest but they forgive me and still show me so much love that I cherish every single day.

One of my favorite pictures of Cedric Jr. and Alexander!
One of favorite picture of my boys!

As a boy mom, the fun and excitement is absolutely endless when it comes to Cedric and Alexander. In addition, to the endless amounts of fun that we have, I learn a considerable from my boys about life. I embrace the daily lessons from them because their perspectives are innocent and pure. I wish more parents would embrace their children in this way! Nonetheless, there is something special about the bond I have with my boys. As a boy mom, I don’t think anything can compare to being covered in constant hugs and kisses!

Are you a boy mom? If so what do you love the most about being a boy mom? Are you a mom in general? What do you love about motherhood?

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Until next time beautiful ones, STAY MENTALLY ROOTED IN GOD!


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6 thoughts on “The 4 Things I Love About Being A Boy Mom

  1. This was beautiful! I admire them protecting you! I can’t wait to have a boy one day! I’m a girl mom but look forward to this too, children are amazing.

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! I appreciate you coming by to read! I think them protecting my is the thing I love the most! Until my girl comes, I’m going to cherish my time with my girls!

  2. I’m a girl Mom, but I’ve always seen & heard how sweet & protective boys are. Those boys LOVE their Mommy! Such a sweet read. 🙂

    1. Girl moms have a special bond too. Regardless of the fact, our children love us in ways that we couldn’t even imagine on our own. Thanks so much for coming by to read Neda!

  3. I love being a boy mom too Natalie!! I think out of all my children my son loves me the hardest. Of course he is the first born but like you said he is so protective and definitely keeps me moving!!