How My Miracle Baby Grew For 32 Weeks – Part One

Every mother on this Earth has a pregnancy story! My pregnancy story about my miracle baby and second earth side child holds a special place in my heart. This post will be be coming to you all as two blog post over the next couple of months. I will be starting off the pregnancy story about how my miracle baby grew by sharing the viewpoint from my first trimester pregnancy! Those first 13 weeks had me feeling like I was going to be floating on air throughout the pregnancy. It turns out I was in for quite the awakening. Let me just say you all are in for some serious surprises. Get your wine ready ladies!

Natalie Nicole did not know she was pregnant with a sweet miracle baby when this photo was taken.
I was pregnant with my miracle baby
at seven weeks and had no idea!

I had strong feelings that I was pregnant before an official confirmation that I was pregnant. In early November of 2018, I started experiencing terrible nausea that kept me bent over a toilet or trash can every hour. The nausea interfered with the food I could keep down in my stomach. The only food I managed to not throw back up was oatmeal and bananas. I now have a string disdain for bananas. Those painful varicose veins came back with a vengeance the second time around. I wasn’t even sure how many weeks I was but the pain started from my pelvis all the way down both of my legs. I could barely walk for 20-30 minutes. These signs were definite evidence that I was carrying life again.

Terror filled me at the thought of carrying a precious life once again. I had my reasons for it. Just four years prior, I had miscarried in January 2014. In addition, I had experienced terrible pains during my second pregnancy and went through postpartum depression after the birth of my first earth-side child. Yet, I knew I wanted to have another baby with my future husband. About three months beforehand, Randy and I had pregnancy test done at my ob/gyn’s office which came back negative. Randy had a look of devastation in his eyes. I knew he wanted nothing more than to have a child. Within about three weeks after that appointment, I started experiencing terrible nausea. I did not say a word to Randy because I just didn’t want to get his hopes up again. Yet, was bubbling with excitement to find out if we were truly pregnant.

Our favorite house divided football game, Iron Bowl was approaching on the last weekend of November 2017. I kept trying to convince myself that I could have not gotten pregnant so quickly. However, the way my body felt as if it was on a rollercoaster had me thinking otherwise. It was imperative that I say something to him since I was so miserable throughout the day at work, home, and in the car. I was miserable just about everywhere. Once I explained what I was experiencing, a look of excitement yet uncertainty came over his face. I knew he did not have time to be disappointed again. The way I felt at that Iron Bowl party assured me that I was pregnant. I have to give you all some of the details of this Iron Bowl party considering it is a pivotal part of my pregnancy story.

The day of the Iron Bowl football game Randy was not feeling well either. He had a fall cold which was not as bad as what I was going through. My energetic three year old was with us in a full house of Auburn and Alabama fans. Randy assured me that I did not have to move a finger since I was so sick to my stomach. Mind you all there were all of my favorite foods at the party. I could not devour the oysters, hot dogs, conecuh sausage, rotel dip, and or hot wings. It was terrible that all I could eat was a cup of ice and a kosher hot dog which I ended up throwing up in the bathroom. Once the celebration was ending, I told Randy that we needed to get a pregnancy test. To make sure it was accurate, I purchased three test.

Natalie Nicole's oldest son on Iron Bowl 2017!
He had the best seat in the house!

We ended up dropping my son off at my mother’s house so we could have some time alone. As soon as we made it to Randy’s place, I was ready to face those pregnancy test. I can admit we were both paralyzed with fear to find out if we were expecting a miracle baby. After I took the first test, I stared at it for three and a half minutes before I rushed out of the bathroom. Within a breath, he went in after me. The second line did not show up. I took another test. Once again no second blue line. Part of me did not want to take that third pregnancy test, but I knew I had to just to settle both of our jitters. So we were both in the room when I took that third test. No second blue line for us!

Our hearts filled with joy at the thought of the miracle baby growing within me. A flood of tears swelled in my eyes. All I wanted to do with Randy was love on him for the remainder of the night. He held me tight because a beautiful little life was depending on us both at that moment going forward. The time spent with Randy that night was just so magical. That night our love grew stronger. The entire evening was a complete dream that I did not want to wake up from. A month later on Christmas Eve, Randy sealed his love for me with a proposal at the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Natalie Nicole's engagement ring from Randy
Admiring the engagement ring
on Christmas morning!

Not one single soul was around us when he proposed. It was just me, him, and our sweet miracle baby growing inside of me. That night is beautiful moment that will be etched in my memory until the end of time. I don’t have to explain the moment to anyone. No one else can explain the moment to anyone else. It was or moment for the two of us to remember. His perception, my perception, and God’s perception. Despite the fact that I was nauseated and felt like my legs were on fire, I couldn’t get over the fact that he asked me to spend our lives together. I was over the universe. We brought in the year 2019 together as I was entering my second trimester.

The second trimester brought about some pain that I don’t think either us of anticipated. The happy mood I was in soon transformed into anxiety and depression. The round ligament pain I was experiencing got worse. My work load intensified as I got further along in my graduate school program. This pregnancy was about to set me up for a rude awakening as soon as we moved in together.


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