How I Met The Love of My Life, Randy L. Foster II

To show picture of Natalie Nicole and  the love of her life Randy.
At a surprise birthday party for Randy’s cousin!

Love Was Not on My Radar

Hello Beautiful People! Let me start this blog post off by letting you all know that I moved back to Montgomery after I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I think I was about 10 weeks when I moved back to my hometown. I moved back into my mother’s house and stayed there after the birth of my son. After I gave birth to Cedric and stabilized from PPD, I would go the grocery store at the local Publix near my mother’s house where I would met the love of my life. I would probably be in the grocery store at least every week and a half. It was a mental wellness practice for me to get out of the house with my little one. Usually every time I went to the meat department Randy was there to help me.

Eventually, he started to notice which days I would come into the grocery store to shop. There were times when I would come in either alone, with my son, or with my mom and son. Whenever Randy saw me, it was like he would go out if his was way to speak to me like he had been looking for me before I even came in. On those days that I was alone, he would start conversation to find out if I was in a relationship with someone. I never really answered because I was just trying to get in and out of the store. On those days when I was with my son, he would ask how old he was, his name, or mention how he was either growing or always asleep. On the days when I was with my mother, he sort of stirred clear and only said a few words. I started to take notice of how chatty he was and I could tell he was interested in me.

When Valentine’s Day 2016 rolled around, I went into Publix to get roses and candy for myself. Randy saw me and we started chatting it up. I can specifically remember that He asked me what I was doing for Lovers Day. I quickly responded, “You mean single awareness day.” He chuckled, I assumed he got the answer to the question he had been wondering about. In the weeks leading up to my birthday after Valentine’s weekend, Randy and I still talked quite a bit in the grocery store. I must of shared to him that my birthday was approaching and he asked what my plans were. The plans were to party it up in my old stomping grounds, hang out with my friends, and see my first Beyonce concert, the Formation World Tour. The week before I left town, he wished me a Happy Birthday and said he hoped it was amazing!

Natalie Nicole out for her 27th Birthday before she met the love of her life!
Celebrating my 27th Birthday in Atlanta!
Natalie Nicole's Friends on Her 27th Birthday before she met the love of her life!
Getting in Formation with Beyonce for my Birthday!

God Was Leading Me To My Life Partner

I had an amazing time with my Atlanta crew. We ate, drank, partied, and got our edges snatched by Beyonce! Yet, I had spent an excessive amount of the money. I knew I needed to get back to work for mental wellness purposes. It was important that I worked somewhere that would be beneficial to the fact that I was a mother. I applied for several jobs that covered my undergraduate skills but didn’t hear back from anyone. I applied at the banks which turned out to be a dead end as well. My job search went on for about three weeks I was in need of a drink after those long 3 weeks so I went into Publix. This time I went in there for only a bottle of red wine and then I decided to see if Randy just so happened to be there.

Now you all know he was in that store. Actually it turned out that was his last day at that specific Publix in Montgomery. He was transferring to another store and he had been hoping that I would show up on his last day there. He continued on with his normal questions, what was going on and what brought me in today. I ended up explaining the situation of being on a job hunt for the past three weeks which resulted in complete dead ends so I needed a glass of wine. Randy mentioned that the store he would be transferring to in Montgomery was hiring. God had been leading me to him and giving him the chance to get my personal information.

First, we actually exchanged Instagram information. Then he sent me a message that Publix was hiring and where I could come to apply. I had a feeling that we were going to be good friends. So I showed up on the day and at the time he mentioned. Of course he was there and he helped me through the application. I was hired within a week and a half. On my first official day after the sit down training, we exchanged numbers. He called me first, I believe (he will get his side of the story eventually on a guest blog post). After we went on a little mini date, we started to spend at least three or four times a day on the phone.

Randy Stood Out More Than The Rest

There was something different about Randy that I had never experienced before. He was generally concerned about my mental and spiritual well-being. Everytime we talked he always asked how my son was doing. He cared enough to ask me about my goals and also my fears. He asked me about my life growing up which caused me to share parts of my past that I never thought I would share with another human. I was starting to develop a friendship with him which is something I had not done before with any man I had dealt with in the past. I was always so quick to jump into something without getting to know anyone first. Yet at one point, I though I had ruined my chances at something more with him.

We went out one night to BB King’s Blues Club at in Montgomery. As the night progressed your girl here had a little bit too much to drink. I saw some old friends which brought out some past behaviors. I ended up dirty dancing with an old model associate. Talk about some awkwardness for Randy. Randy was at the bar with my purse and looking at me dance with someone else. How shameful of me? I was not being respectful at all. What was I doing? After we left the casino, I convinced him to take me to a local ratchet club, Boomerangs for some hot wings. It took about an hour and a half to finally get my order of wings. During that time, I cut several rugs on the dance floor, chatted it up with some locals, and made him play pool with complete strangers. The next day he let me have it and told me about my behavior in a polite way. Mr. Foster got me all the way together that it low-key ended up turning me on.

He put me in check about how he felt embarrassed several times throughout the night. I started to recognize that he was seriously interested in a future relationship. He said that he could have easily just left me there that night to be wild but he was concerned about my safety on account I had way to many drinks. So a girl put on her bitch you better get it together hat and sexy woman underwear. I started to examine him to get a better understanding of why he was the man he was. I listened to him. He listened to me. Soon enough he took me to the Riverfront of Downtown Montgomery. We walked, went to a bar, walked some more, and ended up by the Riverboat. He grabbed me by the hands, spilled a sweet little speech, and the love of my life asked me to be his girlfriend.

Our Friendship Grew Into Love of A Lifetime

I’ll fast forward to Christmas Eve 2016. We exchanged gifts that evening. He got me what I thought was a Chromecast but it turned out to be a promise ring. The words he had to say along with it had me in tears. We held each other so close that night because I finally felt like I had found the man I was going to spend the remainder of my life with. We became even closer within the next year when we found out we were pregnant on the night of Iron Bowl 2017. On Christmas Eve 2017, he proposed to me on the stairs leading to the tunnel of the River Walk of Downtown Montgomery! In 2018, our engagement stood the test of time when I suffered from depression and anxiety while pregnant. It proved unbreakable after our sons birth, when I went through a severe case of postpartum depression. It took a significant amount of time for me stabilize. The following year on August 5th, 2019 we got married at the Montgomery County Courthouse.

I have been married to the love of my life for over a year now. I know this phrase get ran into the grow a lot because everyone says it. Well I am going to say it as well. A successful marriage takes work. For us our marriage has a meaning that is built on the friendship we established after we first met that day in Publix. Our friendship was ordained by God. God allowed our friendship to grow into the Biblical definition of love. Love is defined by God’s word in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. We place the foundation of our marriage on our individual relationships with God, our relationship together with God, and the definition of love according to God’s word.


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