How God’s Sufficient Grace Is More Than Enough!

God's grace is evident in Natalie Nicole's life today!
I don’t look like what I have been through!

According to the dictionary, grace is the condition of unmerited love and favor of God. As the children of the creator, God has given us an endless amount of sufficient grace. God’s grace has been far more sufficient to us than we realize. It has been so sufficient that God desires for us to have it without having to do anything to earn it. Doesn’t that just amaze you and humble you?!? Not having to do anything to obtain the grace of God is pivotal. Even when we do things that do not serve the life God intends for us, he still shows us grace. We may think we have failed him in our lives, but he hasn’t failed us. Our lives are the very reason God grants us grace!

Of course, I have to use my life as an example of how God’s Grace has been more than sufficient. Between the ages of 16 to 29, I thought I was failing God almost day after day. All those years I kept engaging in a reptitive cycle of high and low moments. I had some moments where I was on top of the world, moments where I knew my life was in danger, moments of mercy, moments of fear, moments of love and light, moments where I was completely wreckless, and moments of joy.

The pattern of positive then negative caused me to develop an incredibly dark thought pattern that led me to believe that God did not care about me at all. My thoughts had me believing that this world was probably better off without me in it. The budding faith I had as a teenager was fading. I turned to the belief that God’s grace was far from my doorstep. In the midst of my dark thought pattern, I made choices that led me to consequences of bending and pressing. The bending and pressing led me to trials and tribulations. Trials and tribulations led me to a testimony.

Once I shared my testimony out loud with myself, I realized that God had no left me at all. God had been with me in each high and or low moment of uncertainty. You see that in the midst of those moments, God was teaching me a unique and valuable lesson. While I was sharing my testimony in therapy last year, my therapist printed out that grace was with me every step of the way. Within a few minutes of her observation, the scales started falling from my eyes! The overall lesson was that even in a high or low moment, God’s grace was all over me. God had not forsaken me. Little did I know it, I was protect was all over me. Grace was protecting me so I could tell the world that God deserves all of the glory.

Grace is not only God’s love and mercy but it is his protection as well. The protection that God decided would come from his son Jesus. Sacrificial blood from Jesus covers us in our daily walks 365/24/7. A covering like that means that we should be on fire for God! On fire to spread the gospel throughout all the land that Jesus is the world’s living scarifice. The length of God’s grace should have us focusing on our specific relationships with God. Building a deeper rooted relationship with God requires us to spend time with God. Time with God is another form of grace. For us, grace is not require anything to God so neither should our time. It cost $0.00 to spend time with God. Like I said before God’s grace is more than sufficient!

Suffered grace from God has taught me that I as children of God we should follow him. To follow God means to allow him lead our lives. God is leading us on a path full wisdom, strength, and miracles. I learned to that to follow Jesus means following God as the disciples did in Luke 5:11. They left everything behind to gain a marvelous journey with the savior of the world and infinite grace.

God's ray of love and grace!
One of the many signs from that his grace is more than sufficient!

Grace is the power to change your decision. What decision will you change that will lead you to infinite grace? Grace that has been and will be more than sufficient.


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One thought on “How God’s Sufficient Grace Is More Than Enough!

  1. Natalie Nicole! Thanks for your vulnerability. His grace and His mercy is what takes us through it all and be able to give our testimonies as you did. You had be thinking about after I got saved and years later feeling like I made the wrong decision because the things that I prayed for weren’t answered when I thought they should be.

    The decision that I changed that led me to infinite grace was the decision to “let go and let God”. When I do this in situations that I try to control then and only then does he shows me the grace he has for me and from there I thrive.

    *excuse any typos this post gave me goosebumps