Find The Most Unique Mental Health Gift For Him In This Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe that the holiday season is just around the corner? That means that you along with millions of people will be seeking out gifts for a loved one. Those gifts are even more special when those people sincerely appreciate them. When it comes to finding a holiday mental health gift for him, don’t purchase the usual. That usual wallet, tie, or pair of socks. Men deserve to receive thoughtful gifts that will serve a unique purpose for years to come.

Gifts will be even more meaningful men when they cater to his mental health and wellness. MindFULLy Well Rooted is here to help you find unique gifts that will support men in their mental health journey. Whether you are looking for the best mental health gifts for him, you will find inspiration for your husband, significant other, best friend, or even yourself. There is something for every man in this holiday mental health gift guide that will help prioritize his mental health!

Best Mental Gifts For Him $200 & Under

Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds – $199.99

black bose wireless bluetooth headphones which can benefit men's mental health

For the man who loves music, the Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds make for a top mental health gift idea. These noise-canceling earbuds can easily improve his mental well-being no matter where he goes. Honestly, it does not matter what type of music is listened to, it helps many people cope difficult emotions. Listening to music through these earbuds can stimulate the body’s feel-good chemicals such as oxytocin. Studies have shown that listening to music has been more effective in reducing anxiety than prescription drugs in some circumstances. The man of your life can listen to music with these earbuds to alleviate depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Not only do these earbuds make great gifts for people with depression they also will help the man struggling with mental health, They will also provide superior sound quality for long periods of time.

Therabody Theragun Mini (1st Generation) – $179.99

black therabody theragun and charger which can be used for men with mental illness

For the man with aching muscles, the Theragun Mini is able to alleviate those aches while improving his mental health. This innovative wellness tool works by tricking the nervous system to block out pain signals to the brain while increasing blood flow to the muscles. The percussive therapy that massage guns like this one provides can be beneficial to mental health. When the massage guns hit the right spot on the body, they help release dopamine and serotonin which are responsible for happiness and relaxation. A regular amount of massages will increase the amount of melatonin released which provides deeper sleep and thus an improved mood for the day. Some massage gun users have reported a decrease in their anxiety as well! To be safe, ask a physician whether percussive therapy may be beneficial for someone with anxiety. 

Casper Weighted Blanket – $179.00

rose colored casper weighted blanket that improves mental health of him

For the man who enjoys a blanket, this Casper Weighted Blanket is sure to improve his mental health. This tailormade weighted blanket has weight options to provide customers with the best comfort. Weighted blankets have grown in popularity in recent years because of the numerous benefits they possess for mental well-being. For example, they increase the feel-good hormones of serotonin and dopamine which cause a feeling of calmness. According to scientific research, weighted blankets have successfully treated PTSD and make great gifts for anxiety. The pressure stimulation of these blankets helps to ease stress and soothe anxiety. Many users of weighted blankets experienced improved sleep quality as well as increased feelings of security. This is the perfect Christmas gift for a man or someone with mental illness when the cooler months of the fall and winter arrive. 

Loftie Smart Alarm Clock – $149.99

Loftie Netral Alarm clock will make the perfect stress relief gift for a man's mental health

For the man in your life who doesn’t believe in compromising his sleep, the Loftie Smart Alarm Clock is the perfect mental health gift for him. This 5-star rated clock is not like any other alarm clock on the market. This alarm clock strongly encourages kicking that smartphone out of the bedroom. You see this clock provides personalized content for its consumers to get well deserved sleep faster. Some of its key features include a customizable alarm tone for the days of the week, updated wellness content such as sound baths and meditations, as well as a blackout mode for a pleasant sleeping environment. Getting good sleep is one of the most important ways to improve overall mental wellness. A lack of proper sleep has been linked to depression, anxiety, stress, brain fog, mood changes, and more. Loftie is a wellness company determined to retake slumberland from the bedside nightstand.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – $139.99

amazon kindle paperwhite in black is one of those mental health gifts amazon

For the man who loves to read, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite makes a phenomenal mental health gift idea. Reading alone is a form of self-care that can be beneficial to mental health. Reading can reduce stress by lowering the heart rate and even easing tension in muscles. Picking up something to read for just 6 minutes can be a huge benefit. Reading alone can take us into another world where you use imagination to create visuals. The circuits of the brain can be significantly strengthened in that time frame. A growing amount of research indicates that reading can help aid in sleep, alleviate depressive symptoms, and reduce anxiety. No matter what genre the man in your life likes to read, this lightweight and durable mental wellness gift is sure to transport him into a calmer state of mind. 

Wyze Home Monitoring System – $132.95

wyze home security system makes the perfect mental health gift for people with anxiety

For the man in your life who believes in a sense of security, the Wyze Home Monitoring System is the perfect mental health gift. There are numerous advantages of having a security system in a home. Many of these include protection, assistance during emergencies, and even a reduction in anxiety. A home security system helps create an environment where mental security can occur as well. Home automation can lessen anxiety disorders and forms of depression through a sense of peace of mind.

With this home monitoring system, lights can be added to control the level of brightness. This feature is beneficial for people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder in the fall and winter. Brighter light can ease the symptoms of SAD caused by the lack of sunlight. The ability to be in control is associated with lower stress and other psychological benefits. These benefits are found within the brain’s prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain that regulates functions such as emotional regulation and memory. Modern tech such as this home monitoring system can be a gift for someone with mental illness. It can also enhance the mental well-being of a man managing mental illness.

Ember Control Temperature Mug – $129.95

an ember temperature control smart mug full of coffee with creamer which makes a unique mental health gift for people who struggle with mental illness

For the man in your life who enjoys a cup of coffee, the Ember Smart Mug makes the perfect mental health gift for the holiday. The latest version of this mug keeps the drink of your choice warm for up to 80 minutes. This will encourage the man who loves coffee or tea to drink it even more. As a matter of fact, drinking coffee has positive impacts on mental health. The act of brewing a cup of coffee alone can set the mind up for a positive and proactive day. Coffee is extremely high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

In a way, the caffeine in coffee and tea acts in a similar way as SSI drugs. These types of drugs are able to block receptors in the brain from binding with chemicals that cause fatigue and depressive moods. Many coffee drinkers are significantly less depressed than people who did not drink coffee. Coffee and tea are associated with reducing the risk of cognitive decline and inhibiting memory disorders. Just remember to drink coffee in moderation because too many cups can have adverse effects. Some of those effects include anxiety, insomnia, and an accelerated heart rate. Nonetheless, despite the price of this mug it truly is a hot commodity as a mental health gift for him!

Thoughtful Mental Health Gifts For $100 & Under

The Nue Co. “Mind Energy” Fragrance – $95 .00

the mind energy fragrance by the nue co. is a true luxury health and wellness gift for him

For the man in your life who likes to smell as good as he looks, the invigorating “Mind Energy” by The Nue Co. will surely boost his mood. This sensory fragrance is said to use olfactory technology through scent notes to stimulate mental energy and boost focus. Who knew cologne could do all that?!? Research has shown that certain scents and fragrances help reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression. Many colognes offer an aromatherapy impact where a smell can remind you of a moment or time in life. Cologne companies are kicking it up a notch by pinpointing scents that influence the mindset. Mind Energy has notes of juniper which has fresh calming properties. It also includes pink pepper corn which has energy boosting elements. There is no doubt this smell of this cologne will uplift the man in your life’s spirits!

Ninja BL610 Professional Blender & Smoothie Maker $94.99

ninja BL610 blender full of fruits and vegetables

For the man who believes in his daily intake of essential vitamins and nutrients, the powerful and sleek Ninja BL610 Blender will be the best mental health gift. This sturdy powerhouse of a blender will motivate the man of your life to live a healthier lifestyle. A huge part of that healthier lifestyle depends on the types of foods eaten. Eating proper foods plays a huge role in mental health. One of the easiest ways to combine proper foods full of vitamins and nutrients is with a smoothie. Smoothies have a combined amount of ingredients that can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. In addition, memory and overall brain health can see significant benefits by incorporating smoothies into a diet. The man who receives this wellness gift is sure to use this blender to make refreshing recipes for years to come.

Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer Tool Set – $87.99

thor hammer tool set with 33 tool pieces is a funny mental health gift for guys

For the man who keeps busy as the handyman, this Thor Hammer Tool Set will ensure he stays handy while also improving his mental health. Having a toolset nearby will make it so much easier to perform basic repairs around the home. The ease of these repairs comes with the huge benefit of saving money. In addition, there are also mental health benefits to consider. Being able to perform repairs is an excellent way of relieving stress and anxiety. A huge amount of accomplishment also comes once a repair or do-it-yourself project is complete. Achieving something like that increases confidence which positively impacts overall mental well-being. If you want the man in your life to feel much happier, purchase him these funny mental health gifts found in a toolset which is worthy of any superhero!

Scotch Porter Superior Beard Collection – $85.00

scotch porter beard collection is a thoughtful mental health gift idea for men

For the man in your life who takes pride in the way he looks, the Scotch Porter Superior Beard Collection is a unique mental health gift for him. The well-known phrase of “When you look good you feel good” does not only apply to the clothes you wear. That phrase holds true for physical appearance as well and they consider their beards a part of that. Many men find that taking care of their beards improves their mental health. Having a neat beard makes a man feel confident thus increasing his self-esteem and overall mental health. This beard grooming kit will help men maintain positive mental well-being with its top-notch products. Grooming is one of many ways men can engage in self-care for themselves and pour back into themselves as well. The practice of grooming is one of those mental wellness gifts that helps to ease the mind.

Buttah Skincare – $79.00

buttah skincare line comes with cleanser, vitamin c serum, and facial shea butter moisturizer

For the man who believes in a good skincare routine, he will truly appreciate the Buttah Skincare lines as mental wellbeing gifts that provide smooth skin. A good skincare routine goes a long way. A waymnot just for the appearance of a man but for his mental health as well. Just as having the grooming kit is a part of self-care so is a great skincare routine. Not just any skincare routine either, an effective routine that caters to the skin type of a man.

A good skincare routine boost feel-good neurotransmitters, the brain’s chemicals associated with a sense of well-being. This sense of physical relaxation lets the brain know it is time to be mellow. Skincare provides a form of structure to the day which is critical for your mind and overall health. Researchers found that people with consistent routines are less likely to suffer from depressive and bipolar disorders as well as mood problems. With this skincare line, the man in your life is certain to feel his best.

Gourmia AirFryer – $74.99

the gourmia 5 quart airfryer is an impactful mental health gift for men

For a man who has certain cooking methods, this Gourmia Air Fryer will help him achieve a mentally healthier lifestyle. Air fryers were designed to create a more healthy cooking method to prepare deep-fried foods. These cooking devices require way less oil than normal deep fryer methods. Lower oil intake with the use of an air fryer surprisingly brings about amazing mental health. A decrease in oil reduces levels of linoleic acid which are linked to symptoms of depression and other mood disorders. A reduction in deep-fried foods may also lead to an improved mood as well as heart health. With a reduction in these types of foods, air fryers have additional impact. Usage of them promote weight loss which has an impact on energy levels, sleep quality, and overall confidence. Therefore, gifting a man with an air fryer sure does sounds like it will help more ways than one!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – $69.99

call of duty modern warfare III is a great mental health gift for the holidays

For the male video gamer, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 can have a positive impact on mental health. Video games are a great way to stimulate your mind. On the contrary, several video games make great gifts for depressed people. Regardless of the type, video games have been shown to act as distractions from psychological trauma such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Many video games have goals or objectives that lead to satisfaction when achieved which improves overall well-being. One of the positive mental health benefits of video games include a reduction of depression. Additional benefits are regulation of mood and building a sense of connection through a like-minded community. It is important to remember that video games stop being good for you when played excessively. Keep gaming to a moderate level to rep great things for your mental wellness.

Impactful Mental Health Gifts For Him $50 & Under

Yogasleep Dohm Elite White Noise Machine – $49.99

a white yogasleep dohm elite white noise machine is the best gift to help men prioritize their mental health

For the man who wants to eliminate sounds around him, the Dohm Elite White Noise Machine makes the perfect mental health gift to accomplish this. White noise is a noise that contains all frequencies played at the same volume. Many people say it mimics the sound of an untuned radio which can be a pleasing and calming sound. The frequency of white noise can significantly improve mental health.

The hum of white noise induces a more full focus relaxed state that makes it easy to shut out the world and focus. This makes white noise essential to minimizing stress and settling nerves. This machine is in the large list of the best mental health gifts. That is because it is beneficial to sleep routines by blocking out sounds that are intrusive to the sleep cycle. A white noise machine is a simple small mental health gift that works to create a healthier lifestyle in numerous ways. 

Alexander Del Rossa’s Classic Winter Robe – $46.99

the Alexander Del Rossa winter robe is a nice self-care gift for a loved one

For the man who is always after a relaxing ambiance, he will adore this plush spa-like Classic Winter Robe. This bathrobe will have the man in your life feeling luxurious at all times. This is a gift that will help any man struggling with his mental health. With this robe, instant relaxation will come to your loved one. The feeling of relaxation is needed after a stressful day. Relaxation is also helpful if the mind is constantly cycling through things that have to be done.

A robe is one of many gifts for depression that can help you feel not just look good. Even the type of fabric of a robe can play a significance to your day, whether worn in the day or at night. A cotton robe provides warmth and comfort while a silk robe can regulate your temperature for a more comfortable night’s sleep. It is known heavily how sleep can have a huge impact on mental health. No matter the type of robe a man wears he is bound to feel a sense of confidence in it.

Florensi Meditation Pillow – $39.99

grey florensi meditation pillow  is a great gift for mental health

For the man who practices meditation, the Florensi Meditation Pillow will make meditation extraordinary. Having this pillow on hand will ensure that the man in your life does not neglect the mentally beneficial practice of meditation. This pillow will improve posture while in specific meditation positions thus increasing the ability to focus. The increased effectiveness of meditation creates a pathway for an even calmer state of mind. The increased blood circulation from a meditation pillow will allow for a more in-depth experience of the moment. The jumbled thoughts that crowd the mind and cause stress can become less of an issue with a meditation cushion. Improved meditation can result in a deeper state of relaxation, the ability to manage negative emotions, and inner peace. With so many benefits, this is a great mental health gift for him that will encourage the practice of meditation.

FORIA Relief CBD & Kava Bath Salts – $38.00

FORIA Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava makes a cool gift for guys who have everything

For the man who believes in a relaxing bath, he will literally melt away – in a good way – while using the FORIA Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava. These bath salts are care gifts that will make a warm bubble bath a relaxing treatment. They will have the man who needs to focus on his mental health feeling like a million bucks. Adding just one scoop of these CBD-infused epsom bath salts can bring about a calmer state of mind. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. Existing studies suggest that CBD can be used to treat several mental health issues making them great gifts for someone with anxiety and depression. 

CBD may alleviate symptoms of anxiety as well as social anxiety disorder. In addition, CBD might have an effect on the serotonin receptors in the brain which play a role in the development of depression. The calming effect of CBD holds a high value when it comes to treating sleep disorders. We all know how sleep is a critical component of mental well-being. Not enough sleep is linked to health conditions such as anxiety, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. More research needs to be conducted to learn about the mental benefits of CBD. So encourage the man using these to consult a physician before trying them.

Buddha Board – $37.95 

A Buddha board is a great gift to relieve stress

For the man looking for a relaxing activity, a Buddha Board will provide him with a zen-like experience. This environmentally friendly tool was inspired by the idea of living in the moment while mastering the art of letting go. This is largely due to the fact that water is used to paint the board as art or a creation appears. Yet, as the water evaporates, the art disappears which leaves a clean slate and a clear mind.

Using the Buddha Board makes it a wonderful screen-free meditative state. Anxiety can be reduced with the literal stroke of a paintbrush. Just like a Zen Garden, this board creates a space to unwind for people who deal with anxiety, stress, and ADHD. The Buddha Board will help reset his mental state from overwhelmed to peaceful which makes this a unique mental health gift for him. 

Hamama MicroGreens Growing Kit -$34.99

hamma microgreens growing kit is a wonderful mental. health gift for the holidays

For the man focused on healthy eating habits, the Hamma MicroGreens Growing Kit will help him incorporate missing nutrients into his diet. With this kit, essential nutrients will be within hands reach right on the kitchen counter. This growing kit will offer a satisfying indoor garden experience. Indoor gardening has been shown to improve cognitive function, alleviate stress, and reduce depression. In addition, micro-greens have come to be known as a superfood. They are extremely nutritious with such vitamins as vitamin C and magnesium which can boost mental well-being. Micro-greens are a great source of antioxidants that help the body eliminate free radicals that cause a range of diseases. Having this micro-green kit can be a delicious and nutritional experience that leads to better mental health overall.

Tibetan Singing Bowl – $30.80

a gold tibetan singing bowl with mallets is an unlikely poisitive mental health tool

For the man who believes in sound therapy, a Tibetan Singing Bowl is the mental health tool that will further promote relaxation in his life. Singing bowls have been used in many gusto religious, spiritual, and meditation practices. There are many theories that associate singing bowls with greater mental benefits. One theory indicates that the sound of the singing bowl stimulates beta brain waves which is called entrainment. In addition, there are many research studies that indicate that the sound waves help relieve stress, induce a state of relaxation, and provide a sense of wellbeing. Ensure the man in your life takes precaution when using a singing bowl. They come with various warnings based on certain conditions. Nonetheless the next meditation session in your man’s life, will benefit from more zen.

Simple Mental Health Gifts For Him That Are $25 & Under

PacSun Find Your Balance Shirt – $24.95

brown pacsun find your balance mental health t-shirt

For the man who has a positive message to say through fashion, the Pacsun Find Your Balance T-Shirt is a gift that will influence the mental state. Clothing and fashion can make all the difference in benefiting mental health. Wearing specific garments can improve mood and boost confidence. Studies have also shown that getting dressed in clothing that you love can help keep away thoughts that lead to anxiety and depression. This shirt makes one of many great gifts for someone with depression because it looks comfy. It also reminds people about the amazing things to boost happiness. We all know the tried and true statement of when you look good you feel good. Yet when you engage in retail therapy that makes a statement while dismantling mental health stigma, you are addressing a topic so many try to brush under the rug.

1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – $19.99

cherry blossom bliss 1000 piece puzzle

For the man who enjoys putting puzzles together, a 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle will help him escape the stressful world around him. There are so many endless benefits that come along with putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Yet, the mental health benefits are what is truly fascinating. Studies exist where puzzles have been shown to improve cognitive function. Working on a puzzle is also a great way to unwind and reset after a busy day.

Puzzles allow focus without excessively challenging the mind which is extremely helpful for people with depression, anxiety, and stress relief. As a matter of fact, dopamine is released each time when puzzle pieces fit together. This brain chemical allows you to feel pleasure and satisfaction as well as encouragement to keep going. Completing a puzzle brings about a large sense of accomplishment that boosts mood and confidence. This brain-stimulating activity can be beneficial in supporting the mental health of a male loved one!

Matcha Green Tea – $18.49

bigelow Matcha Green Tea with tumeric

For the man who enjoys a warm cup of tea, this Matcha Green Tea will provide a great boost of relaxation. Matcha has grown in popularity in recent years and with good reason. Just a cup of matcha green tea can improve the mental health of people managing mental health disorders. It contains a concentrated amount of antioxidants which can prevent chronic disease. In addition, matcha contains a compound known as L-theanine that creates alpha waves which improve brain function and also help induce relaxation and decrease stress levels. Matcha green tea activates the feel-good chemicals serotonin and dopamine which combat anxiety. Studies have also shown a reduced level of depression when matcha green tea is consumed frequently. The benefits and the easy preparation of matcha green tea make it a perfect gift for a man’s mental health.

Hanging Mental Health Wall Decor – $15.99

mental health wall decor reminders

For the man in your life who loves an inspirational word or message, Hanging Mental Health Wall Art Decor is the absolute perfect mental health gift for him. Art alone has the ability to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress levels. However, when that art includes an inspirational or encouraging word, it can sometimes be the very thing that saves your life. The encouraging words found on many pieces of hanging wall art is more than decor.  It is a transformative message that your mental health can depend on. The messages can uplift moods and provide the motivation needed to keep going in life. Hanging wall art has the ability to help keep positive identities at the forefront of the mind while also serving as a reminder to prioritize our mental health.

Mental Health Journal For Men $12.10

a mental health journal for men that can be found on amazon is a wonderful gift for someone with anxiety and depression

For the man who enjoys journaling, the Mental Health Journal For Men will help him take care of the thoughts in his mind. This journal is deemed a one-stop mental health gym for men. Journaling alone can be a way to understand thoughts and feelings more clearly. Many people are able to prioritize their problems and fears by journaling. Keeping a journal can also help identify triggers that cause anxiety and or depression.

This journal is not like the journals with lines on the page. Those are still good mental health gifts because they offer the freedom to release whatever comes to mind. What makes the delivery of this journal so unique, are the creative prompts and challenges that cater to the male point of view. In addition, this male mental health journal helps men examine not only themselves but also the people in their life. The challenges in this will also show how those people relate to the world around him. This journal or any journal for that matter makes a valuable mental health gift for any man serious about investing in his mental health.

Public Goods Soy Scented Candle – $8.95

public goods cedar & suede candle is a nice gift for depressed people

For the man who loves the fragrance of candles in his home, Public Goods Soy Scented Candle will make a huge difference in his mental well-being. With many candles being both extremely affordable and accessible, they make popular mental health gifts for men. The benefits of candles for mental health are extremely vast and varied. Several benefits are rooted in the practice of aromatherapy with essential oils. Because of a scent’s ability to trigger the limbic system, candles can create specific feelings in the mind as well as the body.

Many of those feelings bring about positive memories that quickly improve mood. A beneficial aspect of candles comes from the glow of the flickering flame which creates a tranquil environment to reduce stress. Many other candles have scents that have been useful in treating psychological and physiological mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. The use of candles can easily become a ritual that can be paired with journaling, and or yoga. Purchasing a candle as a mental health gift is so simple. Yet, it can lead to so many positive effects on the mental health of the man in your life.

Worry Thumb Stone – $5.59

black opal worry thumb stones are awesome mental gifts for the holidays

For the man who worries more often than he should, a Worry Thumb Stone makes an excellent mental health gift for him. If unfamiliar with worry stones, they are smooth rocks made out of certain gemstones and crystals. Their main use is to soothe stress and anxiety. They are meant to be the ideal size to hold in your hand with each one having an indention for the thumb and then small enough to place in a wallet or pocket. The texture of the stone combined with the rubbing motion of the thumb distracts the mind away from anxious thoughts within minutes of them arriving.

Thumb stones activate energy points of the fingers to cause calmness, ease negative thinking, and release those feel-good endorphins. Another benefit of using a thumb stone is to relieve muscle tension in certain parts of the body for people struggling with depression, anxiety, and or ADHD. Worry stones on Etsy make great gifts for the holidays that can improve the mental wellness of many people, including the man in your life.

Mental Health Gifts Are One of The Best Ways To Help Men Working on Their Mental Wellness

All of these wellness gifts for him will support the mental health and well-being of men! I am sure the man you give these to will not see these as small mental health gifts. These mental health presents have meaning behind them! They are all phenomenal and unique gift ideas that show how you took the time to find something special that will truly improve the life of a male friend or family member struggling with mental health issues.

Remember these all make well-cherished mindfulness gifts for him or people with depression, comforting gifts for people with anxiety, and life-changing gifts for people with any mental health condition. Purchase several of these gifts together to make a mental health gift basket for him or a mental health self care gift basket for yourself. Nonetheless, this list of cute mental health gifts will allow the special man in your life to care for himself in multiple ways. I truly pray that this mental health gift guide for men helps you find the best mental health gifts that will provide the man in your life with happiness and health.

Where To Find More Mental Health Gifts

If you are looking for more original mental health gifts for guys or mental health gift basket ideas to give someone, check out my Mental Health Gift Guide For The Holidays. It features more of the best gifts for mental health. If you are looking for the perfect mental health gift for a woman in your life, then check out this Mental Health Gifts For Her Guide. It will inspire you to put together a mental health gift box or care kit for a woman who is struggling mentally. To further educate yourself about mental health awareness and other mental health causes, visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Mental Health America, and the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

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