Discover The Best Black Mental Health Blog In 2024

find the best black mental blogs for the year 2024

Mental health is a universal condition across humanity that is a high priority of life. Every person on God’s Earth has mental health. As far as mental health challenges and illness, it does not make biases. Mental health challenges do not care who has to deal with them. No matter race, background, or socioeconomic status mental illness can happen to anyone. However, certain communities are more highly affected by mental health issues than others. African American communities are one of those communities whom\ are being helped by black mental health blogs despite outstanding statistics.

The Harsh Truths Within The Black Community

The Black community is dealing with a state of mental health that is approaching unprecedented statistics. In the SAMHSA’s 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 22.4% of the 4.8 million Black and African American population reported having a serious mental illness. According to the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 21% of the Black and African American population reported having a mental illness. Black or African-American community members are 25% less likely to seek professional mental health treatment and support. Each of these statistics is due to a series of historical and or generational issues. Many of which date back to trauma from over half of a millennium ago.

Black and African American ancestors were subject to dehumanization. For over 400 years women, men, and children were forcibly removed from Africa. They had to board ships that would cross unknown oceans with poor conditions for survival. Upon arrival in the foreign land of the United States, Africans were split up. Loved ones were separated from one another to toll across southern plantations as property. That negative treatment resulted in more oppression through Jim Crow Laws from the 1870s until 1965.

Despite the legal end of these laws Black people still faced hardships. Going into the 21st century African Americans dealt with systematic racism and discrimination. Conditions for African Americans have not evolved into the societal treatment the majority group of Whites receive in the U.S. In modern-day society, Black and African Americans face numerous disparities. Some come in the form of barriers such as unaffordable healthcare insurance. Drugs are intentionally disturbed in black neighborhoods. Inaccessible aid from mental health professionals exists. Employment opportunities are few and far in between.

Bring In The Black Mental Health Change Makers

Thankfully, people across the internet within the Black community are working tirelessly. They intend to be a solution towards reducing the mental healthcare statistics listed above. These individuals are black mental health bloggers. They are sharing resources and their expertise to help other black people managing mental health challenges. Great efforts are being made by black mental health bloggers and black mental health advocates. Efforts to create positive change surrounding the mental health care of the black community.

In the content ahead you shall read about the best black mental health bloggers. Black bloggers who provide education about specific mental health conditions. Expect to read about black female bloggers who transparently share their experiences with mental illness. Black male bloggers who list mental health resources for black women and men. Ultimately, the best black mental health bloggers who further lead the charge to dismantle mental health stigma in the black community.

The Top Black Mental Health Blogs To Read

Natalie Nicole, MindFully Well Rooted 

smiling black female mental health blogger female sitting at her desk drinking coffee
Natalie Nicole is the best black female mental health blogger
changing the way the black female community takes charge
of their mental wellness and builds their faith.

Natalie Nicole founded MindFULLy Well Rooted, the best Black mental health blog across the internet. Her blog is rooted in the wisdom she has gained from her personal experiences with mental health disorders and ever-evolving faith. Those experiences help other black women prioritize their mental health with God at the wheel.

Natalie has lived with anxiety since the age of 11. After a miscarriage in her early 20s, Natalie began to have struggles with suicidal ideation. She was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first Earth side child. While pregnant with her second Earth side child, she was diagnosed with prenatal anxiety and depression. After a second birth, she experienced postpartum depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Further along in her mid-30s, Natalie was diagnosed with ADHD and post traumatic stress disorder.

MindFULLy Well Rooted is also a black spiritual blog. The faith she holds onto during her mental highs and lows lights a path toward her readers building a relationship with Jesus. What makes this the best mental health blog is the fact that she publishes real stories that are fully transparent and authentic. She considers herself an open book when it comes to sharing moments of her mental health journey, things that have helped her achieve mental wellness, and how God has comforted her in every moment.

She writes each blog post on her site after conducting intense and lengthy mental health research. Natalie’s black mental health blog gives black women from all walks of life reassurance. They shall know they are not alone in living with mental health challenges and balancing numerous hats in life.

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Therapy For Black Girls

black female mental health advocate smiling against a white brick wall and wooden door
Dr. Joy Harden is a licensed psychologist who focuses on mental health
issues affecting Black women and girls on her mental health blog.

When it comes to making mental health the topic of conversations, Dr. Joy is at the top of the list. Dr. Joy has used her education and knowledge as a licensed psychologist to propel the African American community forward. As a black female psychologist, she is the ultimate famous black mental health advocate who motivates black women to focus on mental wellness. She is achieving that mission through her mental health blog, Therapy For Black Girls.

TBG is the blog breaking down the stigma surrounding black women’s mental health. It features stories, first-hand experiences, and resources to help black women thrive in life. Dr. Joy writes the topics on her blog in an easily digestible, relatable, and helpful manner. There are a total of 44 black mental health blog topics on Therapy For Black Girls. Topics that range from journaling, medication, boundaries, and how to find a therapist. 

Outside of the Therapy For Black Girls blog, the website as a whole is a mental health awareness movement. Therapy For Black Girls offers the hundreds of thousands of black women an opportunity to find black female therapists. Dr, Joy has a podcast by the same name, the TBG Podcast. The TBG podcast hosts weekly discussions that empower Black women to become the best possible versions of themselves. The online space also offers visitors to her site access to a private community known as the Sister Circle that provides a sense of belonging.

Dr. Joy’s focus on being one of many successful Black mental health bloggers is quite apparent. She is going above and beyond to ensure that black women have multiple paths to prioritize their mental health.

Ewune` Ewane, Minds Over Melanin

African American woman blogger with hands on waist smiling in a cream dress
Ewune` Ewane is the type of black female mental health blogger who dives deep into tackling stereotypes and stigma surrounding black mental health.

Minds Over Melanin blog is created by Ewune` Ewane. She is determined to alleviate medical trauma within the Black community using her Black mental health blog. Ewune` is eliminating racial stigma within the mental health system through advocacy, precise research, and various forms of effective treatment. What stands out the most about her blog is that she provides posts about a range of topics. Some of those topics include therapy tools, grief, mental health services, and trauma. 

Ewune` takes it a step further to highlight black therapists who are transforming the mental health space. Readers of Minds Over Melanin will find resources that aid them in suicide prevention. There is content available about how to overcome struggles with a crisis. In addition there are blog posts for people who may intend to cause harm to themselves or others. Minds over Melanin is one of the blogs on mental health with a goal of widening the net for the black communities’ experience. Black communities deserve to be included in a system that often neglects their cultural needs. 

Les Alfred, Balanced Black Girl

black woman wellness blogger looking off to the left towards sunshine smiling
Les Alfred encourages openness about mental health
struggles and emphasizes the importance of building a
mindful sisterhood to help find balance.

There are several types of friends we develop specific interpersonal connections with. Whereas, Les Alfred is the wellness-minded friend for the black female community. She intends to help black women who visit the Balanced Black Girl blog find the best form of balance. Les truly dedicates herself to making relatable wellness resources available to an unlimited number of Black women.

Balanced Black Girl is a mental health and wellness blog that embodies community. BBG is bridging the gap of how black women come together to support one another in their wellness journeys. Les has created a blog dedicated to bringing the mental issues numerous black women struggle with to the forefront. Les is fearless and full of tenacity about providing insight into these struggles. In addition to mental health blog posts, blog readers will find posts that are in connection with mental health such as habits, finance, and spirituality.

Balanced Black Girl is an overall holistic online platform which also includes a blog but is also a podcast and newsletter. It is the type of platform that dives into the makings of black women and the care of those makings. The BBG Podcast is top-rated because Les discuss topics that cater to ensuring black women feel their absolute best. BBG’s newsletter by the name of Mirror Notes sends out refreshing gentle reminders and goodness to subscribers’ email inboxes.

Les Alfred built Balanced Black Girl with a reverence to serve black women navigating similar personal stories and life trials as her. For black women seeking support along their ever-evolving mental health and wellness journeys, Balanced Black Girl is the space to turn to.

Dasia Pollard

African American woman wearing a black turtleneck dress and standing in front of a door smiling
Dasia Pollard’s mental health blog features stories of resilience,
self-care tips, and resources aimed at supporting black
women’s mental wellness and empowerment.

Dasia is the go-to girl for the best mental health support. She doesn’t beat around the bush about her challenges with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. Dasia uses her experiences as a driving force to help other women with similar mental health issues. Her self-titled blog empowers women to prioritize their mental health through various methods. A few of those methods include self-care, the importance of seeking professional support, coping strategies, and professional development. 

She is a black female mental health and lifestyle blogger making an undeniable impact. Because of her blog content, other racial and cultural backgrounds have a better understanding of what extends beyond the black womans surface. She aims to help other black women reach their full potential and realize how amazing they are despite mental health issues.

Kiana Blake-Chung, Mental Health Tings

eccentric black woman smiling wearing bright colored clothing and hair while holding an rainbow colored umbrella
Kiana Blake-Chung has the type of content that explores mental health and spirituality while intersecting healing and self-discovery within the Black community.

The multi-faceted beauty, Kiana, loves Jesus and his people. This is due to her triumphant walk in managing both Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder II. Over on her blog about mental health she openly writes about her faith and mental health journey. Her mission as an African American female blogger is to help other people start conversations about their mental health. Through her vulnerability, Kiana wants people living with mental health conditions to gain the courage and vulnerability. It is her hope that they openly share their own mental health struggles. Otherwise it’s critical that they learn how to be a friend or offer peer support to African-Americans experiencing mental health issues. Every post on Mental Health Tings is full of the divine purpose of ridding the world of stigma surrounding the mental health issues of black women.

Seriah Sargenton, Riyah Speaks

black woman with short curly hair sitting outside working on mental health blog
Seriah Sargenton is a mental wellness blogger focused on helping black women discover the path to a happier and healthier life through mental health content.

The mental health blog that contains a magnitude of information for black women seeking resources that will help them take better care of themselves is Seriah Speaks. The founder, Seriah started her blog out of the necessity that she observed to inspire others during the COVID-19 pandemic. She writes numerous posts that are within outstanding blog categories. These posts ensure Black women also receive support in transforming their lives and relationships. All the content shared on her lifestyle and black mental wellness blog has a primary objective. Each one of her readers will be able to be centered on overcoming self-love challenges, maintaining happiness, and incorporating self-care into your life.

Brittany Kellman, Mind My Melanin

afro-latina woman wearing shorts and a long-sleeved shirt while sitting on a set of steps outside
Brittany Kellman is a mental health activist focused
on raising awareness about mental health within Afro-Latina communities.

Brittany is a Caribbean & Latina woman. Through her culture she focuses on creating a space where the mental health of minority communities is front and center. She is a champion for stepping in to provide access to the mental health resources that this population needs. Britany knows what it feels like to suffer in silence with anxiety, depression, and other related disorders. By writing about her experiences with these conditions, she is expanding the awareness surrounding mental health disparities of Afro-minority women. Brittany intends for Mind My Melanin to be a coping mechanism that amplifies the voices of marginalized communities and challenges stereotypes about mental illnesses.

Minaa B.

African American woman with braids and natural-looking makeup
Minaa B. encourages African-American individuals to embrace their struggles, seek support, and prioritize their mental well-being through her writing and speaking engagements.

When it comes to a woman that dedicates herself as a mental health educator to heal multiple generations of the Black community through her mental health blogging, Minna B is that black woman. She believes in the type of healing that brings those within the black community together to build nurturing relationships. Because of Minaa’s cultural background as a black woman she uses her blog to cultivate mental wellness. This wellness comes through posts that discuss family, self-development, mindfulness, and friendships. 

Minaa B is changing how mental health services are provided to the Black community. She is reaching more black people through the Verywell Mind podcast, her writing contributions on Well + Good, and her writing column called Free Therapy in Cosmopolitan magazine. Minaa B. is bridging the gap between mental health information and social justice. She is bringing education and insight to the table. Minaa B. makes herself readily available for a variety of other services that benefit the mental well-being of hundreds of thousands of black people across the world. 

The Top Black Mental Health Bloggers Amplifying The Voices Within Their Community 

Each of these black health and wellness bloggers brings a unique perspective. Individually they cater to a specific audience within the Black community. Despite the audience, these African American blogs are significantly making the black community’s mental health the main topic of discussion. A discussion that does not have timidness within it. A lack of timidness permits black men, black women, and or a young black person to fervently share external and internal factors of their mental health, explain their triggers, ask about forms of treatment for specific illnesses, and share their growth made towards healing.  

There is a magnitude of other prominent black mental health influencers making strides toward advancing the mental health of the black community. These pioneers are leading the charge because they have a full understanding of the historical challenges of their marginalized race. Blogging about mental health is something these powerful mental activists don’t take lightly. They ensure necessary resources are available to alleviate symptoms of depression and stress, aid in mindful practices, and share their own experiences to prevent others from similar circumstances. They are truly the top African American influencers of mental health.

Exploring this powerful list of significant black mental health bloggers will transform the trajectory of your mental well-being. By sharing their voices, experiences, and expertise they are working to ensure that insightful and valuable content is available to black people prioritizing their mental health.

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going! 

Let me know the name of your favorite black mental health blogger! Share his or her website, and what you find empowering about them and or their content! It would be an absolute honor to further research the work they are doing to improve the state of black mental health.


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