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Founder of MinfFULLy Well Rooted, the best mental health blog for people of color
Natalie Nicole, Founder of MindFULLy Well Rooted

Welcome To MindFULLy Well Rooted

My mission for the mental health blog MindFULLy Well Rooted is to encourage women, especially women of color, to prioritize their mental health and wellness despite the growing amount of hats they wear and decide to take on in life. Women constantly have a mind full of growing task from the roles they take on daily which can cause mental anxiety, depression, and more. However that mental stress does not have to get to an overwhelming point by being rooted in realistic and applicable wellness practices.

My vision is that MindFULLy Well Rooted becomes a way of life for hundreds of thousands of millennial women from various walks of life to tell their stories. I offer this community honest and bold stories that are about my personal experiences as a black mother, black wife, and black woman who has survived and thrived despite having mental health issues.

Why A Mental Health Blog

MindFULLy Well Rooted is a mental health blog that started as means to discuss my ever evolving mental health journey. It stemmed from me not having healthy coping mechanisms while managing postpartum depression, anxiety, and psychosis. It also began as a means to be the stories I needed to hear while battling these mental illnesses.

To a certain point, MindFULLy Well Rooted is still a coping mechanism. This space now focuses on being a blog to help other women with their mental health. This blog has transformed into a means to provide life saving resources. The very resources I did not have access to after I experienced my first anxiety attack at age of 11. Although my testimony has been painful, it has been joyful at the same time. The joy is that I have been led me to my passion of dismantling mental stigmas amongst underrepresented groups.

In addition, I specifically started MindFULLy Well Rooted to be a personal mental health blog. It has since evolved into a black mental health blog with a big goal. That big goal is to dismantle the stereotypes and injustices associated between black women and mental illness. This has thus built a community of black women who can share their various mental health journeys in confidence! As a black mental health blog it is urgent to make this a place of welcoming community. Here in this community women from all walks of life can sit at a perfectly designed table. There are stimulating conversations that can begin at this table, where judgement cannot be placed. Most importantly this table is where strangers can become friends!

More About This Mental Health Blog’s Founder

My name is Natalie Nicole Foster, a mental health blogger and content creator! I am the Founder of “MindFULLy Well Rooted”, a mental health blog focused on helping women prioritize their mental health and wellness journeys. I’m a black mental health blogger and content creator who resides in Charlotte,NC but is a native of Montgomery,AL. I have a strong passion for telling candid stories about my life, dismantling mental health stigma, and prioritizing my mental health.

Outside of my passions, I am a stay at home mom of 2 handsome boys and a wife to a God fearing man! I am a full time black blogger and content creator. Through all of my blog and content, I use my own personal experiences to tell a story that leads thought provoking conversations. I speak about my experiences to normalize them and in turn bring hope to other individuals facing similar experiences. Here on this space of the internet, there will stories about my role as a mother, my life as a wife, the struggles of my mental health, the battles I endure with spirituality, and my own self-identity.

More than anything, I want to use my influence to inspire others to reflect on their own mental health journey. I want them to be able to live the best possible lives by being aware of their mental wellness. It is my hope that this space will be the best mental health blog created for people of color.

Stay Connected With Me!

It’s a goal of mine to stay connected with my community! Please subscribe to my biweekly email newsletter, where you will receive updates on blogs to help your mental health. You will also hear about content uploads across other social media platforms, resources to care for your mental health, and more! I always like to hear directly from my community about things they love and want to see more of. Therefore feel free to send me an email at natalienicole@mindfulywellrooted.com. Ultimately, I am here to be a hope that you grow from what you mentally go through!

Natalie Nicole, best black mental health blogger

Don’t forget how blessed you are even in the midst of mental stress.

– Natalie Nicole