My 5 Realistic Expectations for the New Year

Walking into the new year expecting so much from  God!
Walking into the new year with 5 realistic expectations!

Can you believe it, We made it to 2021! There are five realistic expectations that I have for my life as I begin 2021. These five things I want to occur are positive across the board. I know I could easily choose to carry the same mood of 2020 into 2021. Yet, it is just not beneficial for me or you either for that matter. Instead let us both choose to view it as a year of opportunity where we put our faith way ahead of fear. As I step into a new year, I have plan to walk into 2021 with the following five realistic expectations:

1. God’s Favor To Overflow

I am expecting an increase in the blessings in my life so much that they overflow. The overflow will allow me to give back to the kingdom of God. As a woman rooted in Christ, I have learned that when I reap a harvest then I must sew it back into the true and living God. I also expect the overflow from God to equip me with the resources I need to be a blessing to hundreds of others. It’s been a long time goal of mine to start a non-profit organization focused on the maternal health and mental wellness of black girls and women. The blessings from God will set me along the path to start bringing that long time dream to life. 2020 taught that God’s grace is more than sufficient. So this is the year where that overflow of grace will fill me up so much that I have to overflow back into kingdom go God all while blessing others.

2. Respected Boundaries

For me to have boundaries set into place is one type of ball game. The game starts to change when I have to ensure the boundaries will get respect. This is the year where I will not allow myself to reach beyond the boundaries I set in place for the sake of my mental health. I did a lot of overreaching in 2020 that caused me to nearly reach burnout which lead me to take a social media break. As I live in 2021, I will not allow myself to approach burnout where I want to be mentally available for myself and my family. In addition, I will not be allowing other people to step over the boundaries that I set into place. There were numerous times in 2020 when family and friends disrespected me by crossing lines. There have been numerous years prior to 2020 when family and friends insisted on crossing boundaries. This is the year where I set boundaries and enforce boundaries for myself, family, and friends.

3. Growth In My Marriage

My marriage means so much to me. My husband came into my life at a time when I wasn’t even looking for a relationship. This is the year where I will focus on doing the work that will strengthen my marriage. My marriage is deserving of anything and everything to ensure it lives out the true definition of love for decades to come. A history of divorce and or separation runs in my family. I’ve seen what hasn’t worked in these marriages of my family members. Going forward, I plan on doing what I know I need to be my best individually. I shall encourage my husband to do what he needs to do to be the best individually. Then we shall come together to do what we need to do to break generational curses on both sides of our families.

4. Stronger Bond with My Children

What can I say about my boys?!?! They are the light of my life. Cedric and Alexander both have their similarities which doesn’t make me doubt their bond as brothers. However, they both have their differences that make them shine in their own way. This year I shall focus on doing excited things with them that bring out the best parts of them. Even if we are still inside for majority of the year, I will be bringing the creativity. My bond with my children thrives on all the things that they love to do not what I want to them to do. This is the year where I pour into them all the things that make their hearts smile!

5. Increase in My Business

MindFULLy Well Rooted is a life that I did not expect for myself 10 years ago. To say that I have a business is more than I ever imagined for myself when I was first asked what I wanted to be when I get up. This year I am investing in the tools needed to take my business to new heights that serve a community of black women. My business is here to be a beacon of servitude to the mental wellness of black women who are underserved. MindFULLy Well Rooted is a business that is so much bigger than me. It is about a national crisis that has been neglected for far to long.

Leaning on my expectations for the year!
Asking God for all the strength to do the work this year!

Ultimately the five realistic expectations I have for 2021, depend on my efforts and actions. Like the grandest book says, Faith without works is dead. The work I do rest solely in my relationship with God which is priority number one. I will talking to the Father and ask him that his will be done for these realistic expectations to prosper. 2021 will be a year that will blow me out of the water. Let us all make 2021 a year where we expect opportunities to arise that will raise us all to higher levels. Let us make it a year where we step out on big faith not because of a previous year but because we know we serve an outstanding God.

Wishing you all a prosperous year full of God’s will!


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15 thoughts on “My 5 Realistic Expectations for the New Year

    1. Hi Tanya! Thank You for coming by to read my blog post! I appreciate it girl! I pray the inspiration you received leads you to focus on all you want this year! I pray you get it all and then some too!

  1. Great boost to others who might have doubts about where/how to start in a positive directions. Sometimes we all need a push, or a jumpstart…thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Aunt Hazel! I love you bunches for coming by to read my post! I love you bunches! My goal is to definitely help other women set their minds on having expectations that are within their reach this year and every year after!

  2. Love all of your expectations especially that your prioritizing your marriage and maintaining healthy boundaries. I am looking forward to everything that God has for you in 2021 Natalie.

    1. Thank so much Kangelia! I tried to keep my expectations for the year within an attainable reach.I cannot wait to see what the good God does for you too this year!

  3. I loved your goals!! Having God as a foundation in everything you do will allow to you to carry out His Will and your dreams! I love that your goals are meaningful to you, you have personal, marriage, and family goals, three areas that are special to you! I can’t wait to see You achieve your goals this year!! 2020WON!!

    1. Brianna, my sister love! I appreciate you more than you know! I hope this post inspired you to form your goals for the year! We both have toons to achieve with God as the head of our lives!

  4. Every last bit of this post hit the nail on the head. I am expecting so much from this year and I fully understand that what I pour into myself, my marriage and my family will determine how much I get out!! Wishing you the best this year and I prey your get everything you are expecting. Great read.

    1. Oh my, thanks Shana! You hit the nail on the head too with knowing that was you put in will determine what you get out! I pray you have a great year too sis! Thanks so much for reading!

  5. Love the respected boundaries goal because it’s something I feel that needs to be done on everyone’s part. Creating boundaries for yourself will help to avoid the burnout that many of us feel. You got this!

    1. Thanks Careessa! I definitely feel like my boundaries will determine what my year will look like. appreciate you for coming by to read the blog sis!

  6. I love this post! I especially resonate with the boundaries and increase in business. I have a goal to build my brand this year so I can pursue it full time!

  7. This is such a great post. All of your points resonate with me, especially the second one. I let some people get too close in 2020, and I had to re-establish boundaries. I realize that much of what happened is due to what I allowed. I am making better decisions in 2021.

    1. Thanks so much for coming by to read it Erma! I truly appreciate the support! I al so happy to hear you resonate so well with the points I made! I honestly believe that boundaries are truly what keeps our mental wellness centered around peace. I am praying that you make the best decisions for you all year and beyond!