10 Romantic & Affordable Date Night Ideas At Home For Valentines

black couple at home for date night on valentines day
My husband and I enjoying
an at-home date night!

Date night ideas at home have become the latest inquiry for couples to spend time with one another. The way date night is done across the nation and perhaps the world is completely different from 5 years ago. When it comes to finding ways to spend time with our spouses, partners, and or significant others date night at home ideas have become the primary move to maintain safety!

Take my husband and I for example, we had to get really innovative with our date night ideas at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic! We have definitely had to make things work when it comes to our at-home date nights. Now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We want to keep a romantic & affordable date night on the agenda.

A beautiful date night for Valentines Day does not have to be incredibly expensive or excessively fancy. The thing that matters the most is the fact you and that special person in your life spend quality together laughing and loving on one another. So no mater whether you have kids or not, the list below of romantic and affordable date night ideas at home for Valentine’s day is sure to bring you closer to the love of your life without even leaving the house. Enjoy this list of 10 Romantic & Affordable Date Night Ideas At-Home For Valentines Day!

It has actually been fun to come up with innovative ways to get our alone time in together. Here are 10 of our favorite at-home date night ideas!

Romantic & Affordable Date Night Ideas At-Home For Valentines

1. Happy Hour At-Home Date Night Idea

We used to go out to our favorite bar, Firebirds for both the best happy hour drinks and happy hour food. We recreated some of our favorite appetizers and made our favorite drinks! The kiddos are often times preoccupied watching a couple of movie while have our at-home happy hour date night. Talk about an affordable date night idea!

2. Themed Movie Date Night At-Home

My husband and I love movies! Our favorite genres that we can agree on are action, thriller, and suspense. When we want to make movie night a little grander, we turn it into a themed night. The ultimate themed movie night for us is a Marvel theme. Of course it can’t be movie night without eating our favorite movie snacks like popcorn, candy, nachos with queso dip/salsa, and oversized sodas! We make the atmosphere of the movie theater come to us at-home for date night!

3. Board Game Date Night Idea

I am such a huge board game fanatic! My husband and I gather up some of my favorite board games and card games for an evening of laughs and fun without our phones. A few of my favorites are Phase 10, Taboo After Midnight, Pictionary, and 5 Second Rule. I’m working on building up my collection this year too because they make for endless hours of hilarious date night fun!

4. Video Game Date Night At-Home Date Night Idea

My husband is a video gamer on the PlayStation 5. He’s got at least 220 video games in his collection. we cuddle up on the couch to play some of his favorite two player video games which is a romantic date night in my eyes! Hubby is an expert video gamer so he takes it easy on me when we play.

5. Bring The Club To The House Date Night At Home

When we found out we wouldn’t be able to step out for Charlotte nightlife, decided to bring the club to our house. My husband made a YouTube playlist of both music and videos from the 1990 to the 2010’s. Let’s just say we spent time reminiscing and danced the night away in the comfort of our apartment for an affordable and romantic date night.

6. Listen to Jazz on the Patio Date Night

I’m a huge lover of jazz music. It’s so easy to listen to. We set up our deck chairs and stream my favorite jazz artists through our Google Home or listen to a few jazz classics on the record player. We sit outside holding hands, drink a glass of wine, and watch the night sky which offers a gorgeous view. The romance in those still moments brings us so much closer!

7. Virtual Cooking Class At-Home Date Night Idea

We both love good food and are always interested in trying something new that we can add to the dinner rotation! Cooking a good meal together is one of the many ways we are able to do so while bringing the romantic spark! An online cooking class was the perfect choice to learn a new recipe and bring the romance to date night! Plus we made sure to shop around for an affordable priced class!

8. Sip and Strokes Date Night At-Home

The two of us are no Picasso’s when it comes to painting. However, we had quite a blast when we painted and sipped at home. Our artwork was a true definition of who held the more artistic hand. To create our stay at home romantic date night vibe, I purchased two blank canvas from Hobby Lobby as well as paint palettes. I stopped by our local wine shop then set the mood with candles and music! the night was truly romantic for use both!

9. Evening Joy Ride Date Night Idea

There have been many a nights when our youngest just wasn’t getting off to sleep. We would pile everyone in the car to take a quick drive around the neighborhood to get the little one off to dream land. That quick drive would turn into a spontaneous hour and a half drive that led us to a new spot in the city! During that time we either, talked, listened to slow jams, or just enjoyed the silence!

10. Late Night Talk At Home Date Night Idea

We have stayed up countless nights just talking to one another about absolutely anything. I think the late night talk date nights are the simplest way to embody both romance and affordability. These particular date nights have strengthened our marriage the most out of all of our at-home date night ideas. Vulnerability happens when you are able to sit next to your spouse or partner and just let your heart flow.

At-Home Date Night!
We have grown closer together since the
increase in at-home quarantine date nights!

There you have it! Those are our favorite 10 Romantic & Affordable Date Night Ideas At Home For Valentines Day! I hope you enjoyed reading these ideas and found something that you and that special love in your life can do together!

We were able to come up with all these stay at-home date night ideas, as a result of being quarantined throughout the start of the pandemic. Regardless of the pandemic, one of my realistic expectations is to always spend quality time with my husband! Quality times means intentional date nights, even if those date nights are at home! Sometimes we have to do date with the kids. Yet, family date nights are truly special to us as well. Nonetheless, as long as we are spending time together we will always be growing closer together in our marriage!

Which stay-at home date night idea was your favorite? Do you have your own favorite at-home date night ideas? I would love to know about them in the comments below!


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  1. This was so good to read Natalie! I love the idea of the video game night! Mu husband is a big gamer! I will definitely be trying these ideas out!